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This is a complete Naruto conversion mod. With it, you can fight with your favorite shinobi weapons, use justu, fight in the Chunin Exam Arena, and more!

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This video is how you manually download mods(The way you need to for U8.4b since vortex doesn't work)

Hi all! First off I'll say thank you to everyone that worked on this project with me Galxey, DukeGoliath, Lil Husky, Grimmajow, K I N G, Nemhard, and Bot Melon!

Second, this Narutoverse Overhaul mod includes: U8.4b Only
To install, go to D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Blade & Sorcery\BladeAndSorcery_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods and simply drop the newly imported folder into the "Mods" folder!

Weapons: (Ability listed after description in bold)

7 Swordsman of the Mist Swords(8 weapons because of Kabutowari):
  • Hiramekarei - (ヒラメカレイ): A bandaged double-handled sword that is capable of storing and emitting the user's chakra which can then take on various forms. It is also called a "Twinsword" (双刀, Sōtō). 
  • Kabutowari - (兜割, literally meaning: Helmet Splitter): A sword consisting of a single-sided axe and a hammer joined by a length of chain. Said to be capable of crushing any and all defences. It is also called a "Bluntsword" (鈍刀, Dontō). - Gravity slam
  • Kiba - (牙, literally meaning: Fangs): Twin swords that are imbued with lightning which increases their cutting power. They are said to be the sharpest swords ever forged. They are also called "Thunderswords" (雷刀, Raitō). - Press the Alt/Spell button to instantly imbue with lightning
  • Kubikiribōchō - (首斬り包丁, Viz: Executioner's Blade, literally meaning: Decapitating Carving Knife): A giant sword with a butcher-knife-like appearance, the wielder can use the semi-circle on the blade to decapitate an opponent's head, hence the name. The sword has an ability to regenerate using the iron absorbed from the blood of those it cuts down. It is also called a "Seversword" (断刀, Dantō).
  • Nuibari - (縫い針, literally meaning: Sewing Needle): A sword in the shape of a needle with a long thin wire that resembles thread attached to it, which can be used to pierce enemies and "sew" them together in human bundles. It is also called a "Longsword" (長刀, Chōtō).
  • Samehada - (鮫肌, literally meaning: Shark Skin): The most terrifying of the seven blades, it has the appearance of a giant knife covered in shark scales. It is a sentient, living weapon and has the ability to "eat" chakra. It is also called a "Greatsword" (大刀, Daitō). - Shreads enemies from any way the scales hit
  • Shibuki - (飛沫, literally meaning: Splash): A sword that has a scroll full of explosive tags incorporated into it, lined up behind the blade, combining swordsmanship and explosions. It is also called a "Blastsword" (爆刀, Bakutō). - Explodes on contact with the environment dealing major damage

11 other weapons/Items from Naruto:

  • Kunai - A throwing knife which can cut and slash enemies
  • Paper Bomb Kunai - A kunai with a paper bomb attached.  Explodes after 1 second of colliding with a map, enemy, etc.
  • Demon Wind Shuriken - Giant shuriken that spins incredibly fast when thrown, making easy work of slicing limbs off
  • Minato's Hiraishin Kunai - Flying Thunder God Kunai are custom-made kunai (特注クナイ, tokuchū kunai) and signature tools of Minato Namikaze, who uses them in conjunction with his Space–Time Ninjutsu: the Flying Thunder God Technique - Hold trigger when throwing to teleport wherever this kunai lands
  • Six Paths Shakujō -The staff of the Sage of Six Paths, a transmorphing Truth Seeker orb, holds the power of all 5 natures as well as being able to change chakra nature/form - Allows you to shoot fireballs and gravity slam
  • Sword of Kusanagi - Sasuke's sword, able to pierce and slash through nearly anything -  Can gravity slam
  • Shuriken - Throwing stars which spin incredibly fast when thrown and pierce the enemy
  • Small Tool Pouch - Holds shurikens, kunai, paper bomb kunai, and the hiraishin kunai
  • Asuma's Chakra Blades - Handed down from Asuma to Shikamaru, these blade slice and dice like no other -  Press the Alt/Spell button to activate
  • Sakumo's Chakra Sword - A straight-bladed tantō with a small, circular hand-guard given to Kakashi by is father Sakumo. It gave off a white streak of chakra when it was swung, thus earning Sakumo his title of "Konoha's White Fang"
  • Shisui's Tanto - A  tantō wielded by Shisui Uchiha. The common weapon of one of the strongest Uchiha ever.  Along with his prowess, Itachi Uchiha himself even lost to Shisui during some sparring matches

  • Chunin Exam Arena
  • Hidden Leaf Village

  • Rasengan - A Ninjutsu technique developed over the span of three years by the Fourth Hokage, this contained, fast, rotating sphere of chakra in the palm of your hand which can cause an incredibly destructive impact - Pull the trigger to activate the Rasengan, the faster you hit the enemy with the ball, the farther it will hit them
  • Chidori - Created by Kakashi Hatake after he failed to apply his lightning-nature to the Rasengan. To perform, the user first gathers lightning to their hand; the high concentration of electricity produces a sound reminiscent of many birds chirping, hence the name - Pull the trigger to activate the Chidori, you can pierce and slash enemies while electrocuting them

Waves: Enemies fight you with the shinobi weapons:)
1 vs 1
1 vs 2
1 vs 3
1 vs 4
1 vs 5

Mods that work well with this: (Click the orange link)
Fast Weapon Handling(U8.3)(U8.4b)
More Blood(U8.4b)
Dismember on Punch

Check out the video tab or click the video below to watch the Weapons/Spells/Maps in action!

Before reporting a bug or something not working properly, please make sure to follow these rules provided by TurnerKC(Slightly edited by me): If something doesn't work and you don't provide proof, your comment/bug will be deleted
1) BACKUP your existing mods (If 8.4 compatible)
2) UNINSTALL your CURRENT BETA via Oculus/Steam
3) DELETE the "BladeAndSorcery" Folder HERE: "C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\LocalLow\WarpFrog\"
4) DELETE the "Saves" Folder HERE: "C:\Users\[UserName]\Documents\My Games\BladeAndSorcery\"
5) INSTALL the latest Beta
6) RETURN prior mods to the "Mods" folder. (Even better: add 1 by 1 to ensure no mods conflict with others)
7) IF you had the previous Hidden Leaf Village Map by Nemhard: Delete it and redownload this new/Updated version
8) MAKE sure to download the latest mod version and if there are requirements, download the latest requirement(s) version as well(This mod has 3 requirements)

*you may have random issues with mods and other aspects if this is not done*

Thank you and I hope all of you enjoy this mod!
If you like this please download and endorse it!!!
If you do enjoy this, please consider donating! I put all donations back into the game to buy better models and assets!!!

If you enjoy this mod(And my others) and would like news, updates, early access, beta versions, etc, check out my Patreon:)

Rasenshuriken(Already have the effects)
Boruto Rasengan
Giant Rasengan(Merge of regular Rasengan)
Black(Adult Sasuke) Chidori and when pulling arms into a bow motion(Message Lyneca about how he used this in his dagger bending) shoot out Indra’s arrow....Maybe a merge? Ideas for it?
Fireball Jutsu
Kuruma mode: His giant fox hands
Atomic Dismantling Jutsu
Super Mini Tailed Beast Ball
8 Inner gates(Red flames from your body while doing increased damage/Knockback)
Anbu Black Ops Mask(Done, but doesn't work on this game version)
Anbu Black Ops Uniform(Done, clothing can't be put into game yet)
Custom NPC models(Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, etc): If you know how to model and want to help out with these please message me on discord: Piepop101#7855
Anything else you suggest in the suggestions tab(Articles)!!!