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Harness the power of the cosmos. Control gravity, summon stars and black holes, and manipulate weapons and enemies. Includes cast, merges and imbues.

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If you are having problems with a mod, and it's just after a beta being released, understand that your bug report may be ignored.

Welcome to Cosmic, a feature-packed spell mod focused on warping space and harnessing celestial bodies.

It's finally here - I hope you're all ready for some GIFs!

NOTE: Vortex will download the U8.4 beta version of this mod by default. Do not submit bug reports without first ensuring that you have the correct version.

If you see issues such as:
  • Textures not loading, or showing up pink
  • Game not loading when Cosmic is installed
This is more likely a Vortex/B&S problem than it is Cosmic, as I can confirm that Cosmic works on both U*.3 and U8.4 as long as you have the correct version.

I'd recommend avoiding Vortex for now, as it doesn't play well with the U8.4/U8.3 versions of the game - and renamed mod folders.
If you do want to use Vortex, you should make sure that there is only one Cosmic folder in your B&S Mods folder.
Base Cast


  • While casting, objects around you quickly reduce their velocity and are not affected by gravity.
  • This can be used defensively, to prevent projectiles from hitting you, or offensively when combined with Collect and Impulse.
  • Angular momentum is conserved.

✨ Synergy: Savage Star does not regain gravity once affected. Tap Suspend to suspend the star in the air.


  • While casting Suspend, grip your hand to pull objects around you into a ball in front of you.
  • Weapons point in the direction they move, allowing you to obliterate anything in their path.

✨ Synergy: Fireballs from Savage Star are affected.


  • While casting Suspend or Collect, throw your hand and release to propel all affected items in the direction of throw.
  • Flick your hand up to raise items off the ground, and 'catch' them again with Suspend.
  • Redirect arrows and fireballs.
  • Gather weapons and projectiles into a razor-sharp ball of death, and propel them at your enemies.
  • Or, use it as a quick way to get rid of a bunch of laggy items.


Savage Star (Cosmic + Fire)

  • Merge Cosmic and Fire to summon a main-sequence star between your hands.
  • The star intermittently lobs fireballs.

  • Throw the star and watch it burst into a host of fireballs on collision with an enemy or wall.

✨ Synergy: Hold the star with Telekinesis or Suspend. The star will stay in the air after being.

✨ Synergy: Store and fire the star using the Twins.

Disarming Shock (Cosmic + Lightning)

  • Cast, merge and release to disarm and shock all nearby enemies.

✨ Synergy: Throw those weapons back at them with Collect and Impulse.

✨ Synergy: Store and fire weapons with the Twins.

Gravity's Pull (Cosmic + Gravity)

  • Merge to show directional and force multiplier FX.
  • Point with both hands, and spread your hands close or far.
  • Release to alter gravity for every enemy and object in the level.

  • The force multiplier is in units of Earth's gravity, so 1G means 1x Earth gravity, 2G means 2x Earth gravity etc.

  • To reset to normal gravity, merge and hold both grips before you release. You'll see the FX point downwards and reset to 1G. You can also raise your hands up while doing this to select antigravity - 1G upward.

A warning. Humans are not meant for microgravity - and certainly not reversed gravity. Beware of motion sickness.

Every ability (save one) in this mod is fully capable of killing you. This one? Most of all. Watch your fall damage.

The Twins (Cosmic + Cosmic)

  • Cast and merge to summon a twin pair of a black and white hole. Grip to immediately hold with Telekinesis.

  • Black holes are the remnant of a supermassive star. They exert a strong pull on any items nearby. Anything that touches the event horizon is immediately transported to the paired white hole.

  • White holes are the theoretical opposite of a black hole. Nothing can enter its event horizon. They exert a strong push on any items nearby.
    • While in the air, or in telekinesis, both black and white holes exert forces constantly.
    • While held, the holes only activate while the trigger is held down. The amount of force they exert depends on the amount the trigger is pushed.
    • While holstered (yes, you heard that right), the holes stay inert.

  • While the white hole is in the air, any object that enters the black hole immediately speeds out of it. Very likely, this will be into someone's face.

  • If the white hole is held or holstered, however, the items are stored. You can then fire the items one-by-one by pulling the trigger.

  • A second after being released, if the white hole is storing items, they will all fire at once.

  • You can destroy the holes by cancelling the cast just after the merge starts.
  • While holding the holes, your hands become intangible, allowing you to reach through walls. This is definitely an intended feature, and not at all accidental.

These can be used to:

  • Set up a 'turret', feeding daggers items into the black hole and watching them catapult into enemy faces from a nearby white hole.
  • Set up the black hole near your enemies, and fire the items it absorbs.
  • Dual-wield the black and white hole, attracting and propelling items to and from you.
  • Vacuum up items to reduce lag. Seeing as U8.4 isn't here yet, this might be the most important part of the mod.

Implosion (Imbue)

  • When a weapon imbued with Cosmic hits an object, wall, or enemy, any nearby weapons or items will turn whatever you hit into a bruised pincushion.

✨ Synergy: Use after a disarm to add insult to injury, in the form of their dropped weapon into their face.
Staff Collect (Staff Use)

  • Pressing the Use button while holding a staff imbued with Cosmic will perform a significantly more powerful Collect and Impulse. Swing the tip of the staff and release to throw!


  • Gifs at
  • Source code here:
  • Please report bugs! There will almost certainly be some. By post, by bug report, or on discord in #mod-discussion.
  • Feedback is also very welcome, and I'm open to changes.