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Add a spell that lets you summon, imbue, and throw common daggers. Includes merge casts with itself and vanilla spells!

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U8.4 BETA 8 NOT SUPPORTED (until my new headset arrives)

The U8.4 Beta Program is frequently-changing and often has breaking changes. These changes are often breaking, the modding SDK is unstable, and mods can take a while to update. Modders also have lives and modding is not always the priority in their lives.
If you report a bug, you must submit your Player.log file, a description of what triggers the problem, and a description of what problems you encountered.
If you are having problems with a mod, and it's just after a beta being released, understand that your bug report may be ignored.

Dagger Spell

Adds a spell allowing you to summon, imbue, and throw daggers in many different ways!

Unzip the download into your StreamingAssets folder, or use Vortex.

Cast Types

Single Hand Cast

Warp space to summon a dagger above the back of your hand. Grip to auto-equip, release the spell to drop, or throw and release the spell to throw the dagger.

You're also able to pick a dagger up backhand with your offhand.

Fire Merge

Summon and quickly imbue a flaming, piercing dagger. Release to auto-fire at the nearest enemy, or grab to equip in either hand.

Lightning Merge

Summon and quickly imbue a shocking dagger. Release to auto-fire at the nearest enemy, or grab to equip in either hand

Gravity Merge

Summon and quickly imbue a weightless, ultra-fast sniper dagger. Release to auto-fire at the nearest enemy, or grab to equip in either hand.

Dagger Storm

Summon up to six daggers around your hands, and release to fire them into your enemies. Move your hands apart to spread the daggers wide. Each dagger individually homes in on the closest enemy head.

Dagger Fan

While summoning Dagger Storm, hold grip on both hands to fan the daggers out in front of you.

Also includes imbue merges with the EarthBending spell and the Ice spell. These are optional dependencies.

Have a spell you've made that has an imbue? Want me to add it to this spell? Hit me up on discord.

Source code can be found here. Imgur gif album here.
Suggestions and bug reports very welcome, ping me (@lyneca#6571) in #mod-discussion on the official discord.

If you're reporting a bug, make sure to include your F8 logs. Grab Bowtie's Modding Utils, hit F8, and type save_logs.