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So I was annoyed by the fact that, though the armor system is really great, leather armor is way too powerfull.

There is a reason why leather armor was FAR, FAAAAAAAR not as prominent as shown in media. Basically because gambeson is better AND cheaper for the most part. MOST not ALWAYS! Okay, I'm not saying there never was leather armor. But it wasn't too common in europe at least. (Yes, also for vikings there is no evidence for leather armor. The lamellar armor(s) that has been found is considered to be of eastern origins.

Why was that? Well because leather armor is by far not as strong as it is in this game (even though the leather armor in this game looks an awful lot like a coat of plates which would be lots of small plates held together by the leather coat).

SO I decided to take matters into my own hands and change the materialdamagers.

What exactly does this mod do?

 Leather armor is now completely inferior to thrusts. And you can also push in pointy weapons by applying pressure.

Some longer weapons that have not a dedicated pointy thrusting point might slight off, depending on the angle, but that's just right for me. The armor should have some use, shoudln't it?

Leather armor is also now less resistant to cuts. Though you still need to make a dedicated cut. Weak tippy tappy LARP-swings won't cut through it.

Leather armor is almost completely useless against axes now. I mean... come on... Why should a bloody dane axe not chop through leather?

Changes to Chainmail probably also coming. I want to try to make it easier to penetrate with a spear, while keeping the penetration resistance towards other weapons. Because seriously... I love me some maille... but a dedicated thrust with a spear will penetrate it... Spears being cheap wasn't the only reason why spears were so popular...

What else?

It also changes the damage multipliers.

All armor materials have had a damage multiplier below 1.0, which basically means you deal reduced damage if you manage to get through.

In my opinion that's insane. If you manage to get though the armor and impale that guy, he's dead... His destroyed heart won't care what armor failed to protect it. It won't beat anymore... period...

I set the damage multiplier for piercing damage to 5.0.
Impaling will be a onehit kill.

This is sadly a replacer and can't be installed via vortex, because for some reason, if you put these files into their own streamingassets folder, they won't have any effect. I'll try to find a solution, so this can be a vortex file.

For instructions how to install, please read the readme.txt in the archive.

But basically: Make a backup of the original files and replace them with these.