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Faster paced combat!
WIP "mod" that makes the combat more fast paced by currently doing nothing more but changing some values in the brain files.
Works with U9

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Yes, this works with U9! :)

Faster paced combat by improving the AI.

I was annoyed by the fact that the combat was so slow because the AI just waits for you to kill them and attacks rarely.

I'm trying to change that and for now I'm happy with the first results.

I did this by editing the brain files for all difficulties. So any custom waves using the vanilla game's brain files will benefit from this (or might be too hard)

Positive sideeffects by my changes:
- follow-up attacks by AI
- AI closing in and breaking through your defence (if you don't move your feet)
- AI might actually shieldbash you in some attack animations (propably not intended, but some animations have their left hand moving just right to actually bash you and do damage with their shieldedge)
- Being surrounded by the AI will now actually be bad, because now they don't just politely wait for you to do something, they will attack you fiercely (possible all at the same time)

What does this "mod" do?

1. I drastically reduced all attack delays (for melee), depending on the difficulty. Hard enemies, once they have the opportunity to attack, won't simply just wait for you to counter attack. They will do immediate follow-ups (unless you manage to counter attack, then they will try to parry, dodge or block)!

2. I turned off the parry-stagger. By default the AI gets staggered when you successfully parry or block their attacks. I turned this off. This has the following effects:

a) The AI is less vulerable after being parried.
b) The AI will immediately try to attack again if not being forced to parry a counter attack.
c) Some AI attack animations include several attacks combined in one animation. Since they won't get staggered by being parried you will now have to parry each attack of the animation or exploit openings to strike them before they hit you.
d) You ACTUALLY have to parry. No more just static blocks (except for larger shields). They will go through their whole attack animation instead of stopping as soon as their weapon hits your weapon or shield. So now you actually need to REDIRECT their attacks by for example pushing their weapon to the side with your weapon, or putting your weapon in the way and side stepping a bit or whatever.
e) Footwork is key now! Some of the animations of the AI involve closing in to you. If you just stand their statically they will break your defence! If they have shields they might bash them into your face while you parry their weapon.

I'm planning to improve this by gaining more understanding about the brain files (and other files).

If you run into trouble, please tell me about it.

But don't go to hard, pease, this is my first Upload for this game.