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Collection of Jedi Knight maps converted for B&S. Now updated for U11!

Permissions and credits

These packs are for PC VR only, and will NOT work on Nomad.

Also, these maps packs now each have their own category they are listed under you can reach by using the arrow icons next to 'Blade & Sorcery' at the top of the world map.  They will not show up under the default map.

Thank you for checking out the Jedi Knight Map Packs for Blade and Sorcery!

These maps were originally created for the Jedi Knight games 2 & 3, Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy.  
All credit for models, textures, music, and sounds go to Raven Software. 

The main focus of these map packs is to add all the original multiplayer maps to the game.  The maps are put into different categories depending on their size.  The smallest are the Duel maps (up to 6 spawn points), followed by Free-For-All maps (up to 10 spawn points), and finally CTF maps (up to 12 spawn points).  These are not new game modes, I just followed the modes they were made for in the original game.
Each map was recreated with care, however some liberties were taken regarding new objects for traversal as the maps were originally built for high jumping being a main mechanic.   All maps contain music and sounds from the original games, as well as for maps that support them custom coded platforms and doors.

Also included are Interactable Items!  These include Crates, Containers, Barrels and several other items across the maps can now be pushed around and picked up with telekinesis.  Also new to the recent release are Item Pickups!  Just like in the original Jedi Knight games, there are health pickups placed in various points around each map.  The Med Pack, which when picked up will heal you 50% of your total health, and the Bacta Canister which will heal you 25%.  These pickups have unique collection sounds, and when collected will de-spawn for 35 seconds.

Thank you for checking this out and I hope this satisfies those of you looking for more Star Wars maps to play on!

Here is the link to my saber pack here on Nexus:

Jedi Knight Saber Pack


  • Original game textures, up-scaled version available in the near future.
  • Functional Platforms and Doors - with sounds.
  • Unique Item Pickups - Med Pack and Bacta Canister.
  • Interactable Items - Crates, Boxes, Barrels, that can be pushed and thrown around.
  • Breakable Structures - Certain structures on some maps can be damaged and broken off into pieces.  Pillars in the corners on Yavin Training, Stone Pylons on The Fortress, and Stone/Metal pylons on Abandoned City.
  • Environmental Ambience - Snow particles on winter maps, VFX for smoke and flame and ground fog, and background audio for each map.
  • Music - Multiple background music tracks for wave combat have been added from Outcast and Academy.

Jedi Academy Pack:
  • Abandoned City
  • Bespin Courtyard
  • Generator Room
  • Hoth Canyon
  • Imperial Control Room
  • Imperial Shaft
  • Rancor Pit
  • Taspir Landing
  • Vjun Fuel Processing
  • Yavin Training Area
  • Bespin Gas Mine
  • Conquest of Byss
  • Korriban Tombs
  • Ord Mantell Canyon
  • Rift Sanctuary
  • Taspir Complex
  • Tatooine City
  • The Fortress
  • Vjun Sentinel

  • Imperial Drop Zone
  • Hoth Wasteland
  • Yavin Hilltops
  • Coruscant Streets

Jedi Outcast Pack:
  • Bespin Air Vanes
  • Carbon Chamber
  • Hangar Bay 72
  • Imperial Shuttle Bay
  • Lightsaber Training
  • Trial Pit
  • Bespin Streets
  • Death Star

If you install through Vortex, make sure to enable the mod after downloading and installing and then check your Mods folder for the existence of either one of these folders, depending on the pack you have downloaded:
'JediAcademyMapPack' for the Academy Pack.
'JediOutcastMapPack' for the Outcast Pack.

Manual Install:
After downloading using the 'Manual Download' button, unzip the downloaded zip file and place either the 'JediAcademyMapPack' folder for Academy or the 'JediOutcastMapPack' folder for Outcast inside in your Mods folder.

Mods Location:
'DriveLetter:\Steam\steamapps\common\Blade & Sorcery\BladeAndSorcery_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods'

  • Imperial Drop Zone has mesh that vibrates, only part of map that does.  Difficult to fix without rebuilding the mesh.