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Blade & Sorcery Map set in the famous Carbonite Freezing Chamber on Bespin. Designed to be played with "The Outer Rim" Star Wars Mod.

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***NOTE***: This has been completely reworked and expanded and is now a separate Map called Cloud City. I keep this online only in case people with lower specs need a small and ugly version. Find the current version of Cloud City here:
Cloud City Map (Includes Carbonite Chamber)

Fast and thrilling. Enemies will come at you from at least two sides. Narrow corridors will challenge you to use your lightsaber carefully.

I designed the map in order to provide an immersive and challenging experience both with Lightsabers and Blasters. Enemies suddenly behind you will keep you on your toes! Use cover for the famous Star Wars corridor battles.
All the waves are pretty fun in my opinion:
  • Face Bespins security personnel as a Sith or Rebel Trooper.
  • Fight imperial Stormtroopers as a Jedi or Rebel.
  • Play Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker.

I made this map in 3 days full-time, creating all assets in Fusion 360 and texturing them in Blender (Textures created with affinity) before importing to Unity. Thus, any asset can quickly be reworked and updated in the future. I invested the last 3 days full time and established a workflow.
I only have some 3D Modeling experience, I am a dummy with texturing and worked with Unity the first time in this project. There are some ideas I don't know how to implement yet. (Smoke Pillars, Dramatic Lighting)

Roadmap (Future Releases)

  • Find out how to enable ItemSelector and WaveSelector UIs on custom meshs, to get rid of the filthy books. DONE
  • Complete texture rework. DONE
  • Performance optimizations to lay the foundation for expanding the map.
  • Add upper level from the movie (Where Luke enters). (Already running into performance issues though, so I can not guarantee that enlarging the map would keep it playable.)
  • Add Star Wars boxes to throw around. - Semidone. Box is ready, but can not be force-moved (yet).
  • Figure out how to do some dramatic lighting. DONE
  • Rework Spawn Location "Outer Corridor". No more Ninja style insertion.
  • Add Clutter Objects, Pipes etc. to bottom of chamber.
  • Rework Freezing Platform Ceiling. (Low Priority)
  • Add Smoke Generators. DONE
  • Add Star Wars music. (?)
  • Add lower level to the Catwalk where Luke lost his hand to Vader.

-Map by CyberPrussian