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Colors the pilot's skill numbers to quickly identify which pilots have skills that can be upgraded and how many times.

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Spend that XP!

Have you ever just launched a mission and thought "I forgot to update my pilot's skills!"
Perhaps spending too much time clicking pilots in the barracks to see if a  unit is ready to level up?

This mod will indicate if a pilot has any skills that can be upgraded and how many times using subtle colors.  
The colors can be customized (see "Custom Colors" below).

Default Colors

| Color  | Levels that can be upgraded |
| Green  |                           1 |
| Yellow |                           2 |
| Red    | 3 or more                   |

Custom Colors

The colors can be customized in the mod.json file.
The colors must be in the RGB format and must start with '#'

A useful color picker tool can be found at

| Setting     | Upgrades Available | Default Color |
| Level1Color | 1                  | #8AF257       |
| Level2Color | 2                  | #FFFF00       |
| Level3Color | 3 or more          | #FFA3A3       |

To install, download the zip file from the releases section and extract to the Battletech Mods folder.

This assumes ModTek has been installed and injected.

This should be compatible with all mods.
Safe to add to and remove from existing saves.