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This mod adds 9 custom Mercs to the game - they will show up in the Hire Hall

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UPDATE: Added Expansion Set of Portraits - General Leo, Setzer, Edgar, Darill, and Mog.

This mod adds 9 custom Mercs to the game - they will show up in the Hire Hall.

At this time they replace some of the existing Backer Mercs - with alterations to names, callsigns, portrait, bio's, and base stats.

I am currently working on a way to add new mercs to the game to not replace existing one's. At this time I am not sure how to do that - so for the meantime I will be adding custom characters by replacing backer mercs.

All portraits are custom made by me.

Custom Mercs:

Marilyn "Goodnight" Kennedy (For Varyar)
Emma "Wands" Watson (For Varyar)

Bellinda "Nightsister" Esperaza

Terra "Esper" Branford (Reference to FF6)
Celes "Ice Queen" Chere (Reference to FF6)
Locke "Adventurer" Cole (Reference to FF6)
Clyde "Shadow" Fang (Reference to FF6)
Sabin "Blitz" Figaro (Reference to FF6)

Wolfgang "Wolfie" Claw (For the Wolfpack)

Expansion Set:

Leo "General" Cristophe
Setzer "Gambler" Gabbianni
Darill "Falcon" Rosencratz
Edgar "Machinist" Figaro
Mog "Gungnir" Rush

(Replaces Backers - Chang, Hardie, Kaufman, Korwes, Eckett)

These were all made for fun - and if you are interested in them feel free to use them. If there are any requests feel free to write a comment. Also if you pick up one of my customs feel free to let me know if there are any issues.

Any derogatory comments made toward myself, my art, or other posters will result in an immediate ban from my content.

I am going to be adding the crew of the Firefly in the near future - and also considering adding characters from other sci-fi shows/content.

Follow the built in pathing to install both the pilot data and the portrait data. Copy and paste the content appropriately, and replace.

Backer Mercs replaced include: Doochin, Durand, Gibbs, Keane, Leone, Loving, Reinke, Saada, Sampson.

If anyone is aware of "how" I can add custom mercs without replacing existing one's feel free to leave me a comment :)