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What is XAI Battletech? Just about every aspect of the game has been improved and gets the game squarely back to it's Table Top roots and play style. It is also practically a FREE DLC that adds over 100 items! to the game. This mod is designed for the fans of the Tabletop game that do not like the Vanilla "mainstreaming".

Permissions and credits

This is a bug-free and polished v1.14!
It has been tested with the latest version of the game and should be used with Flash Point DLC.
If you have ideas or suggestions, please give feedback in the forums! and if you like this mod endorse it!
DO NOT USE The BattleTech Performance fix with XAI !! It corrupts mission data!!


What is XAI Battletech?  It is a completely balanced core mod that removes the "mainstreaming" that HBS put to the game. It is practically a FREE DLC with over 100 new items, not to mention all the mech and vehicle variants.  Just about every aspect of the game has been improved and gets the game squarely back to it's Table Top roots, while not being overly complicated.  It is not, however, a strict interpretation of Classic Battletech.  There were some rules that needed a bit of tweaking for this video game, in order to make room for all the goodies.  Obviously, this is a fictional universe and I think it is reasonable to also expand upon the lore and have fun.

I do recommend starting a new campaign or career to get the full experience.  For starters you will find the games more satisfying! Combat is tougher than vanilla, it needs more strategy, it takes longer and is closer to CBT.   The progression of your pilots and mechs is felt more throughout the game, as they have much more impact in combat.  The role playing element also feels more present with the inclusion of more lore and having endless options for your mechs. For me at least, it brings great improvement and puts the game where it should be.

I have included four mods at this time, the rest are up to you. XAI BattleTech does have some required mods listed above and below.  The settings files for those mods are located in the optional DL section.  I kept the mods separated for many reasons; mainly to force you to get the latest updates and it is much less maintenance for me.  I will be striving to make this core mod as transparent as possible, so that it does not break with every game update.

Please make sure to follow any directions or recommendations at the bottom of the page, they are there for a reason.

Recent updates and developments:
Complete re-work of the store system; I have added many new files to create smoother operating stores that will have greater variety. I also took the liberty of adding the majority of the mechs & parts to the stores and distributed many of them by their house.  Incorporated srjoben's Vehicle improvement mod 3025 vehicles for a total of 78 vehicles. Added in the re-sizer by Joelmeader so we can have all of the vehicles re-sized for a realistic feel. Finally, all mechs and vehicles now have rarity values to show up at the proper times and places, thanks to justincasetoo for his initial hard work, which has been greatly expanded on and simplified by me.

Weapons and Upgrades
Everyone wants more weapons and upgrades! Since XAI Battletech is a 3025 mod, there are no Clans, but there is LOS tech and it has been expanded upon over Vanilla. There are 96 new weapons, 23 new upgrades, 78 new vehicles, and  66 mech variants for you and the AI to play with.  All existing upgrades and weapons have also been overhauled. Now you have many upgrades that have combination effects and are actually useful for the tonnage. I will list general descriptions also at the bottom of the page.  I also upgraded most of the descriptions for upgrades and weapons.

I am not going to list weapon and upgrade specifics, as that is subject to change.  I will, however, list a generalized majority of what is included at the bottom of the page.  I felt it was necessary to cap most inner sphere weapons at a +2 accuracy bonus.  Then giving Lostech the higher bonuses.  When you account for all the bonuses and penalties you will still be able to achieve a 95% accuracy in the late game. 

Mechwarrior Skills
I have overhauled these and a NEW game is required  to fully enjoy these benefits. 
  • Tactical vision system - gains 15m for every Tactical skill point base is set at 240m and can be augmented with cockpit improvements as well.
  • Moved the Recoil Compensation and Called Shots to the Gunnery skill. Recoil Compensation also gains an additional tier for a total of -3.
  • Unsteady Threshold now has 4 tiers (50%, 60%, 70%, & 80%) and resides with the Guts Skill.
  • Sprint increase now has 4 tiers ranging from 5% to 20% and Evasion gains one tier called "Evasion Expert" this helps in the late game.
  • Giving a balanced 3 skills for each pilot skill set, while spreading out the gains for the skills to help the AI pilots.

Argo upgrades require a NEW campaign or career  to work correctly.
  • Changed all the maintenance, training levels, times of construction, costs, upgrade paths, and descriptions of the ARGO modules.
  • You get a bit better travel time when upgrading the Argo's engines.
  • Cut max Pilots down to 18 because we can't land more than one lance on a planet!! and any more is just a waste.
  • You will need this mod; Mech Maintenance by cost for your mech maintenance to counteract the lower pilot costs.
  • All descriptions have been upgraded so you can mouse-over them to see their benefit without going into the module.
  • "Mechwarrior" Battlepods: (Level 1 gives you 22K point = level 6 training),(Level 2 is 36K = Lvl 7 training) and lastly (Level 3 is 56K = Lvl 8).  In order to obtain higher XP,  you must go out on missions so rotate your pilots.
  • Added colored text for benefits of the modules in order to quickly identify the benefit with just a glance of the mouse-over.

Campaign & Career
There are definitely too many changes to list, here are the highlights.
  • Re-balanced the career mod loot caches and points system for XAI, it is much more fair and balanced.
  • Since, I had to add all the new equipment to the Item Collections anyway, I decided to completely overhaul them, fix store access, add tighter controls and fix item distribution. Plus, alliance stores will now give you all the wonderful things you deserve making it worth sacrificing your other relationships.
  • I changed some of the default mechs due to an increase in difficulty at the start of the game, plus, I like the Centurion.
  • Minor adjustments to the difficulty settings for both the campaign and career modes. Generous is a bit more generous in loot and money than before and you still get a little something on spartan difficulties. I also lowered the overall experience in the campaigns so they match with the game length.
  • You get 2 more mission and an additional .5 mission difficulty generated.
  • Alliances can be made at 85% reputation and gave an additional 400 days for a career because of all the new mech variants to collect.
  • Fixed some missions

Mechs, Mech lab & Vehicles
  • Mech lab; No time charge for removal of items, installation of ammo, armor, or moving a mech into or out of storage. 
  • All other installation cost has gone up in both time and cost to make up for the freebies.
  • There are now 66 new mech variants. Plus 78 vehicle variants and most have been resized.  
  • Most vanilla mechs and Vehicles have been refitted with unique lore based weaponry.
  • JK-Lances for proper mech role assignment.
  • XAI rarity optional DL, This includes general rarity and faction specific rarity, plus blacklisting. 

  • Fixed unbalanced evasion system; Now, only the fastest light mechs, sprinting at full speed, will get the 60% evasion. (not counting pilot skill)
  • Turned on the crit per weapon system; Now you can get more than one crit per weapon, but it will fire it with a penalty. Plus, damaged mech areas like arms and torsos also affect your weapon's accuracy when in that location.
  • In order to repair a weapon, you either return it to your inventory or you simply hit the repair button for the damaged area. The item repair button does not work and needs fixing by HBS/Paradox.
  • Lowered the base to hit and melee values to balance out all the bonuses and penalties in the game. Also revised other penalties to be similar to CBT.  Physical combat is going to be much tougher, just do some upgrading of your mechs or get those pilot skills up.
  • Shutdown and knocked down (prone) mechs no longer make effective spotters (this includes you). You also do not lose movement of your lance, upon contact with the enemy.
  • Critical's start at 40% of your remaining armor and raised the chances for the AI to get the same percentage of critical's against you too (50%) crits can also chain roll and explode ammo.
  • Turrets have received some major upgrades, proceed with caution and keep your head down.
  • You will need the AIM mod to get all the proper bonuses and penalties.
  • Included all the needed weapon values for the Weapon Realizer,  I suggest you use it,  as it makes gameplay much more fun.

Combat Environment
  • Ice properly cools your mechs when standing on it.
  • Adjusted some Biome settings, due to higher heat with weapons about 5% difference.
  • Decreased visibility in sandstorms and forest to feel more natural now. Decreased movement multiplier for sandstorms.
  • Lowered the bonuses for spores and crystals to try and keep the AI from hoarding in them and they were too high.

I have spent a ridiculous amount of time revamping shops to work properly in the game, Paradox you know who you are!
  • Instituted a random draw system for ammo to simulate supply and demand, only major faction systems get unlimited ammo.
  • Drastically reduced clutter from item draws, to prevent shops from not showing up in game.
  • Added in all of the current mech variants in the shop system, including all the ones Paradox left out and faction specific lists.
  • Minor systems have less items in their inventory.
  • Black Markets and faction stores should now be sufficient in supplies to make alliances a viable option.

Ok, that is is for the basics but trust me when I say there were a lot more changes under the hood. Now on to the list of goodies!!

Heavily modified XLRP armory.
11 New machine guns!! and man are they fun!
9 New PPC's and 1 ER PPC.
22 New SRM's including the tiny Harpoon, infernos, and Artemis IV
16 New LRM's including the super accurate Direct fire Artemis IV launcher.
13 New Lasers including the Double whammy Binary laser!
13 New Auto cannons some even have evasive tracking!

New LOS tech for 3025!
5 LB10X's in 3 tiers.
4 Ultra AC5 also with 3 tiers.
3 Snub-nose PPC's.
and Streak SRM's.

Upgrades Changes and additions made by me!
I came up with some of these names to quickly identify what their general purpose is for.
Z-Gyros! give both melee and DFA bonuses while D-Gyros are for defensive postures and help Melee defense and Stability.
Arm actuators also give multiple bonuses some Lostech ones are designed for speed or power.
Guardian ECM makes you stealthier and harder to hit with weapons.
More Cockpits! Now we have some with multiple benefits including Justincase's Command Console.
Plus, there are two new lines of cockpits the Matsubashi and Garret.
High-end Target Tracking Systems are rarer and more expensive, and they are worth every credit.
New FCS (Fire Control System) for indirect fire bonuses! 
All remaining vanilla upgrades have been re-balanced.

Please see my troubleshooting and installation guide in the forums.
DO NOT USE The BattleTech Performance fix with XAI !! It corrupts mission data!!

Required mods needed to work in conjunction with XAI
(ModTek),(Mech Maintenance by cost),(The newest AIM mod)
Note on the AIM Mod by ellesheepe: Ultimately this mod is optional but It is required in order to properly activate and balance many of  the bonuses and penalties, accuracy, armor penetration and clustering. (Don't forget to download my settings in the additional downloads)

Optional mods, but highly recommended for completing the experience.
Dynamic Morale mod
Weapon Realizer, cFixes and the Basic Panic System

Other mods to make your QOL better.
Open Map @ POC, Skip intro, Lore friendly campaign, Loot Magnet

If you are looking for an alternative balance mod that uses Mech Engineer,  try
Xtrmntr2K's XLRP!

I would like to give special thanks to Xtrmntr2k, Justincase,  srjoben & JoelMeader for allowing me to use all or parts of their hard work in my mod, and for their help and collaboration.  It was a real time saver and they have helped greatly.  As a wise man once said, "There is no need to do the work more than once!"  Plus, a special thanks to all the beta testers that gave feedback.

There may still be a few typos or grammar issues left, if you see them could you please report them in the forums so I can fix them. With the 1.4 patch, the Mechlab and other places add some commas now and it has messed up my nice formatting.  I will work on that in the future as well as putting some upgrades in the mechs for the AI.