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This converts RogueTech 996 to use the newly added store systems that were introduced in the 1.3 patch.

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This is an unofficial extension for RogueTech 996 that re-introduces RogueTech weapons, components, and mech parts back into the system stores. Store inventories depend on planet faction and properties. I have also gotten faction stores and black markets working properly. Please note, this is an unofficial patch, future updates to RogueTech may break this or render it obsolete. This is for those of you, like me, that simply could not stand playing without being able to buy equipment. The only thing the mod overwrites is the InnerSphereMap folder to assign per-planet item tables; I recommend backing that up if you feel like you may need to revert for some reason or another.

0.4 Changelog: 

Much more per-planet store variety. Most planet modifiers will now affect what kind of equipment is at the store. Pirate presence will result in more pirate weapons, etc. 
Full faction store functionality for every single faction, including clan factions. Clan stores and faction stores stock clan equipment. 
Improved weighting for weapons and components. Next update will round out the mech part distribution a bit. 

Fully compatible with existing saves.

0.6.5 Changelog:

Rounded out mech part distribution, and introduced clan mech parts to clan stores. Uninhabited planets will now barely ever stock anything in their stores (as there isn't anyone there to sell things other than the rare orbital trader or pirate). Still possible to sell items at uninhabited planets, though. Planet industrial capacity now also plays a part in what a planets store stock looks like. Highly populated and industrious planets = good store stocks. Slightly adjusted almost all equipment weights, quite happy with them now.