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When your mech gets glowingly hot, you think your ammo boxes would have some risk of blowing up from the heat.

Permissions and credits
Lets ammo boxes on 'Mechs have a chance to cause ammo explosions when a 'Mech starts overheating.

Place the mod folder inside the game's mod folder:
WIN: C:\Users\user_name\MyDocuments\MyGames\BattleTech\mods
LIN: /home/user_name/MyGames/BattleTech/mods
OSX: /Users/user_name/MyGames/BattleTech/mods
If the above folder doesn't exist, you need to start Battletech to have it create the folder.
If you get a message about needing to overwrite the folder, click yes: either you're updating the mod (in which case you should be replacing it),
or you're installing another mod from me, in which case your OS should be smart enough to merge the conflicting folders.

If the mod doesn't appear inside the mod list when you launch Battletech, try moving the AmmoCookoff folder outside of the RealityMachina folder. It should give you a folder path like Battletech/Mods/AmmoCookoff if you did it correctly.

General Details
Ammo explosions roll a chance to explode every time your mech overheats, and they roll a more severe chance if you overheat enough to force a shut down.
By default, these values are 10% per box, and 20% per box respectively. By default, this uses the HBS mercy mechanic: if an ammo box has already expended at least half of its ammo, it won't risk blowing up.

`mod.json` has some settings on how the chances work, and most should be self-explanatory.

HBSMercyRule determines whether an ammo box always has a chance to explode, or if it must be at least 50% + 1 full for it to be at risk of exploding.