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This mod adds some automation and quality-of-life improvements to battles: fast item switching, auto-passing, auto-shieldwalling, ignoring bros, and AI control.

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This mod adds some quality-of-life improvements to battles, at least for my own play style. You can...

  • Switch weapons and items with a single click or key press.
  • Have your men auto-pass their turns (in case you want to act second). Men who've already passed won't pass again, so don't worry about using your archers and passing the rest.
  • Have your men auto-shieldwall (in case you're under archer fire). This lasts until the end of the round, and you can still take other actions. If combined with auto-pass or end round, your men will shieldwall before passing or ending their turn.
  • Ignore one or more bros so you can focus on the ones that matter (e.g. if he's someone you're escorting, a bro that's injured and retreated, an archer out of arrows, etc). This lasts until you cancel it, or until the end of the battle.
  • Have the AI take over your whole party (and chase down the last pesky alien... I mean enemy archer... for you). This is experimental. Please let me know if you have any problems. A unit will act like a ranged character if he has a ranged weapon equipped and a melee character if he has a melee weapon equipped. This decision is made at the time you enable the AI! Bros you've set to ignore will not be controlled; if you want them to be, click Cancel first (to clear the ignores) and then enable AI control.
  • Cancel the above automations

There are some key bindings as well. See the tooltips.

Installation: Just drop the .zip file into your game's data directory. No need to unzip it. NOTE: mod_hooks ("modding script hooks") v11 or later must be installed.

Conflicts: This mod conflicts with others that overwrite the turn sequence bar.

  • ui\screens\tactical\modules\turn_sequence_bar\turn_sequence_bar.nut
  • ui\screens\tactical\modules\tactical_screen_turnsequencebar\turnsequencebar_module.*

This means there's a conflict with mod_faster before v4. If you want to use mod_faster, make sure you've got v4 or later.