Battle Brothers
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This mod adds some automation and quality-of-life improvements to battles: fast item switching, auto-passing, auto-shieldwalling (and other skills), ignoring bros, and AI control.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds some quality-of-life improvements to battles, at least for my own play style. You can...

  • Have your men auto-pass their turns (in case you want to act second). Men who've already passed won't pass again, so don't worry about using your archers and passing the rest.
  • Have your men auto-shieldwall (in case you're under archer fire). This lasts until the end of the round, and you can still take other actions. If combined with auto-pass or end round, your men will shieldwall before passing or ending their turn.
  • Ignore one or more bros so you can focus on the ones that matter (e.g. if he's someone you're escorting, a bro that's injured and retreated, an archer out of arrows, etc). This lasts until you cancel it, or until the end of the battle.
  • Have the AI take over your whole party (and chase down the last pesky alien... I mean enemy archer... for you). This is experimental. Please let me know if you have any problems. A unit will act like a ranged character if he has a ranged weapon equipped and a melee character if he has a melee weapon equipped. This decision is made at the time you enable the AI! Bros you've set to ignore will not be controlled; if you want them to be, click Cancel first (to clear the ignores) and then enable AI control.
  • Cancel the above automations.
  • Switch weapons and items with a single click or key press.
  • Automatically use useful skills at the end of your turn - recover, reload, break free, wake up ally - helpful if you end the turn without thinking

There are some key bindings as well. See the tooltips.

Installation: There are two variants - one will automatically use skills like "break free", "wake up ally", etc. at the end of your turn if you have APs remaining, and the other will not. Choose exactly one variant and drop the .zip file into your game's data directory. No need to unzip it. NOTE: mod_hooks ("modding script hooks") v16 or later must be installed.

Conflicts: This mod conflicts with others that overwrite the turn sequence bar.

  • ui\screens\tactical\modules\turn_sequence_bar\turn_sequence_bar.nut
  • ui\screens\tactical\modules\tactical_screen_turnsequencebar\turnsequencebar_module.*