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Changes to some of the retinue members in an attempt to make them more balanced and/or impactful.

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Sato's Rebalanced Retinue


I'm pretty happy with where the retinue is overall, but there are a few members for whom I think the balance and gameplay could be improved. At present:

  • The Agent: Instead of affecting faction relation growth/decay, the Agent instead reveals active settlement situations (e.g. Ambushed Trade Routes) as well as contracts when you hover over one on the world map. It's thematic, keeps her relevant for planning your next move when you're not doing contracts, and helps justify her really difficult unlock requirements and high price.
  • The Negotiator: In addition to his current effects, he gets the Agent's old relations growth/decay boost. His cost has been bumped to 3500 crowns (up from 3000) to compensate. This felt thematic and helps make him a more attractive retinue member late game.
  • The Scout: Renamed to "the Guide", because that's what he does. Instead of increasing your speed by 15% on all terrain, he now reduces the speed penalty of "rough terrain" (forests, swamps, etc. and not snow or desert) by 15%. To help explain this a bit more: the old ability made you move 7.5% faster on swamps, 9.75% faster on forests, and 15% faster on plains  - the new one is 15%, 15%, and 0%. In practice, this should make the Scout/Guide more relevant for difficult terrain, but make him less of an auto-pick for every map and point of the campaign.


Requires modhooks:

They should be fairly compatible with other mods, except where obvious.

More recent builds of Legends include this by default, no need to download anything here if you're using that.


Put the relevant sato_retinue_<member_name>.zip file in your data directory.

If you have the game on Steam, this is most likely C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Battle Brothers\data. For GOG users I'd expect it's something like C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Battle Brothers\data.

If you find bugs with the game, please investigate if they are caused by this mod (or others) first. Feel free to reach out to me here on the Nexus or on Discord and I can help (saving your log file is immensely helpful).

If you can confirm that the issue still occurs on an unmodded game, please do file a bug report on Steam, or on the dev's website following the instructions here. They're really responsive about fixing bugs, but don't have the bandwidth to support modded installations.


Remove the relevant sato_retinue_<member_name>.zip files from your data directory.