Battle Brothers
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A variety of inventory management tools, trust me, do yourself a favor and get this, you will thank me later.

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The mod adds the following features:

  • Small number in top left of damaged item shows the profit/loss of repairing an item.
  • Repair all button on the sort line of your inventory will mark profitable items for repair.
  • Holding SHIFT and clicking RMB on any item in your inventory will permanently mark all items of this kind for sale (i.e. you only need to click on 1 short bow and from now on all shortbows in your inventory will always be marked for sale).
  • Holding SHIFT + CTRL and clicking RMB on any item will mark that item as a favorite and make that specific item not get sold (i.e. other items of that type will still get sold)
  • Sell all Button in the trade window. Allows you to sell all items marked for sale except for favorited items. Additionally items with ratio above the selected ratio will only be sold in full condition
  • Smart Loot Button in loot screen using Adam's Smart Loot algorithm , will automatically mark profitable items for repair and ignore favorited items.
  • Toggle Visibility Button in the character screen to change amount of displayed information.
  • Button to repair worn equipment by paying when near a town with a smith.
  • Adjustable thresholds for Repair (and Salvage when playing Legends)

Legends only:
  • Salvage all button in the character screen to mark appropriate items for salvage, BE CAREFUL, since the ratio used by salvage and repair is the same, when salvaging SMALLER ratios are more profitable, the opposite of when you repair.
  • Smart loot will automatically mark items for salvage.

Other Mods:
  • End's Buyback allows you to sell back items you accidentally bought, and vice versa.

Features being worked on:
  • Let me know if you have any ideas!