Batman: Arkham Knight

About this mod

An unofficial community-driven patch for Arkham Knight.

Permissions and credits

*Works on Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store versions of the game.

-Manual (RAR)-
Drag and drop the files from 7zip/winrar to your installation folder of Arkham Knight
-Automatic (Setup)-
Download and run the Setup.exe version, point it at your Arkham Knight install location like this the default location of C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Batman Arkham Knight is already selected for you. 
Note: The debug menu is a separate download and is manual install only as it's only recommended for advanced users. 

Delete the BmInput file in DLC\313100\Content\BmGame\Config
Delete the COMMUNITYPATCH folder in DLC\367480
Verify your game files through Steam, then it'll redownload everything we replaced.

[Bug fixes and improvements]
Azrael now correctly has his arm blades ingame.
The Jokermobile is no longer unavailable and can be used in both free roam and in challenges.
You can now set the first playable character on dual play challenge maps. Please note only some characters/maps are supported.
Fixed missing shadows for Batman's Batman Incorporated skin and Robin's One Year Later and Tim Drake skins.

[New Features]
ExtraMesh slots for all characters, enabling more suit slots for developers. - Special thanks to Cult_7191 for helping research this method.
Free Roam menu options have been added, giving users the ability to explore Gotham City with Robin, Batgirl, Catwoman, Red Hood, Harley Quinn, Azrael and Nightwing. You can access these within the Arkham Episodes menu.
Added command console (F10) (Optional - Debug Menu)
Partially restored debug menu (Delete) (Optional - Debug Menu)

[Skins Added]
Wonderland Batman
Classic TV Series Batman
1992 Movie Batman by MrJAG and SamuelBurq
2005 Movie Batman by CaptainJack
Arkham Asylum (Armored) Batman by Derpston P Derp
Blackest Night Batman by MarkBo
Jokerized 8.04 Batman by MrJAG
Play Kai Arts Batman by MrJAG

1992 Movie Catwoman by MrJAG and MrUncleBingo

-Harley Quinn-
Ame-Comi Harley Quinn by MrJAG
Assault on Arkham Harley Quinn by MrJAG
Bat-Family Harley Quinn by MarkBo
Justice League Dark Apokolips War Harley Quinn by MrJAG

80s Classic Nightwing by MrJAG

1966 Themed Batmobile by FF97/PipBoy900
2005 Movie Batmobile by MrJAG

Q: What is this mod and what is the goal?
A: The Arkham Community Patches are a series of projects for Arkham City, Origins and Knight which aim to add new content, restore deleted/cut content, fix bugs and improve the overall user experience.

Q: What will be the benefit of using skins through the patch as opposed to Resorep or Special K?
A: The skins in this patch don't rely on external programs and run via the game files directly. A result of this is that they'll work perfectly with graphics settings, as well as on Linux based machines via WINE or Proton.

Q: How can I assist the team in making the patch better?
A: We're always looking for coders, translators and skin artists to join our team and make this the best project possible. If it's something you would like to be a part of, please drop a comment or PM one of our team. 

Q: What is the difference between the main versions, lite and skins only files?
A: The main version will have everything except the debug menu. The LITE version has free roam and selectable dual play. The SKINS ONLY option only has the skins and Batmobiles added by the patch.

Q: Can I install both the LITE and SKINS ONLY versions separately if I change my mind later?
A: Yes.

Q: I have installed both the LITE and SKINS ONLY options, then installed the main file and now I have duplicated skins and free roam options, how do I fix this?
A: Go to steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Knight\DLC\367480 and delete the COMMUNITYPATCHLITE and AKCPJUSTSKINS folders.

Q: I have all DLC but not the Season Pass, can I still use the mod?
A: Yes, just move the CommunityPatch folder to any other numbered DLC folder.

Q: I have previously downloaded the mod and want to update it. Can I just extract over the previous version?
A : Yes, so long as the previous mod was the same as the new one ie LITE over LITE or FULL over FULL.

This mod requires a full legal copy of the game.
The Season Pass is required to use the mod.
Only download the *LATEST* version. The file at the top will contain everything unless otherwise stated.

If you wish to find new people to talk to the team about anything, the best way to do that is via our team's Discord server:

For more information refer to our changelog or drop a comment, we're happy to help if we can.