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Banished PLUS... Well this is mod which contains many other ideas I saw from other mods and my personal affinity to play. I like to play on hard difficulty small mountain maps, and as you know there is always lack of space for buildings.

So let's list what is in this mod:

- Faster, Stronger (carry more), Consume slightly more food per year (They still can produce more than enough)
- Aging 1:1, Can be married at 16 and have child from 17 up to 46. They don't live much after 62 years (in game older citizens have strange behavior)
- They became "adults" at 9 and become Students for 2 years (no need for more study since they don't study rocket science) OR uneducated laborers so you have plenty of time to build school and educate them.
- Good kids will try to fill houses with food from market which gives more time for their parents to work, work and more work.

- Nomads will arrive even in ghost town (with 0 citizens) but you still need to have Town Hall, Market, Trading Post

- Forest mature slightly faster and live longer and reseed faster.
- Deer population grow faster.

- Logs, Iron, Stone, Coal, Venison, Leather, Fish, Firewood and Berries yield slightly more (from 30-80%). This depend of education or natural balance.

- Blacksmith can produce charcoal (coal). You can put up to 3 workers in it.
- Tailor number of max workers increased to 3
- Mines and Quarries are unlimited.
- Chapel can hold up to 100000 members.
- School can hold up to 32 students.
- Cutter Yard (woodcutter) max number of workers is 3.
- Gatherer radius is increased and can hold up to 8 workers.
- Hunter Lodge radius is increased and can hold up to 6 workers.
- Forester Lodge radius is increased and can hold up to 8 workers.
- Herbalist radius is increased.
- Fisherman dock radius is increased and can hold up to 6 workers.
- Market have increased radius and bigger storage space.
- Trading port have bigger storage space.
- Storage Barn have much bigger storage space (C'mon people we all know how to dig hole and build cellars, so why that cellar can't be below barn increasing his storage capacity). Also storage barn can hold everything except stone. Why to left outside iron to rust, wood and coal to become wet... That's why we have cellar in barn.

That will be all for now (if I didn't forgot something).
To be clear... I didn't steal any mod (don't know how to open PKM file) but I did implement changes seen in other people mods (according my taste of gameplay) and using some of my ideas.
Here I can credit all those moders for their ideas, but since I don't know their nicks I will salute them all together o7

This mod is compatible with following mods:
- Colonial Chapter Turbo (highly recommended)
- No more rain
- Flatten Terrain Tool
- Better Fields
- Tombstone Removal

This mod will probably conflict with mods which alter anything listed above as change in game.