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Gain access to the arcane secrets kept within scrolls, now all classes can learn spells! Additionally, all classes now gain the maximum amount of hit points they can receive based on the class they have chosen! Patch 7 Friendly!

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Spells and incantations, for those with the talent to cast them!

Wizards have kept the art of untangling the wisdom that scrolls contain to learn spells for far too long, no longer shall that be the case! Your adventurer is healthy and in peak condition, why else would Mind Flayer's select you as a candidate to join the ranks?! 

 You will be able to learn spells from scrolls not only as a Wizard but as any official class in Baldur's Gate 3.  When more classes are released I will update the mod and add them to the list.  Currently, this only includes Fighter, Cleric, Rogue, Druid, Barbarian, Sorcerer,  & Ranger.  Due to the way Warlock functions, it requires the Feat Tome Thief for certain to learn spells, as Warlocks don't use the same spell slots that other classes would use, they have their own unique spell slot.  All classes to be able to learn spells must have at least 1  regular spell slot to do so.

In addition, with this mod, you will be able to receive your maximum hit die amount every time you level up. What this means for people who are not familiar to D&D 5e is that your Hit Points will no longer increase at the default fixed value when you level up. Instead, you will gain the maximum version that you would receive when playing that class. For example, a Warlock's Hit Die is a D8, which means your base maximum hit point you could receive without including your Constitution modifier is 8. So every level a Warlock would gain 8 more Hit Points per level. This will change depending on your Constitution modifier, if you have a +1 you gain  9 Hitpoints per level and a -1 Constitution Modifier means you get 7.


  1. The ability for Classes to Learn Spells
  2. Maximum HP increases each level up
  3. Homebrew Feats
  • Tome Thief
  • Packed Tactics
  • Magic Resistance
  • Proficient Magus
  • Proficient Killer
  • Proficiently Equipped
  • Tactical Breathing
  • Tactical Concentration: Constant
  • Additional: Spellslot
  • Additional: Warlock Spellslot
  • Feet

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