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A collection of nature-themed horns that fit all races/bodytypes (except Dragonborn) - extension of the Half-Tiefs mod.

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What is this mod?

A collection of nature-themed horns mostly repurposing existing vanilla assets, and occasionally using custom-created ones. Most horns have been made colorable via horncolor/horntip color but those that don't have a few variants available (see Images tab).

Available for all vanilla races/bodytypes (except Dragonborn) - compatibility with custom races is patched via Patches for CC Mods (much love and thanks to Padme!).

Kind of an extension to Half-Tiefs because they're made to autosnap to all races/bodytypes, but the mod is only really required for adding horncolors + "no horns" options to show up for all vanilla races.


Some issues/bugs

Because of the method used for attaching horns to all bodytypes and races, their size and placement might be off at times - this won't be fixed as it'd require rigging and exporting individual horn models (which is just not feasible). It's a similar reason as to why dragonborn don't have the horns.


Mods used in screenshots

more dreadlocs and curly hairstyles Vol.02
Custom Backdrops for Character Creation
Astralities' Hair Color Supplement


Thank you

Padme for their Mini Tool and patching this mod for custom races
also thank you to folks over at DBTR for general support <3