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This mod adds a new "Biker Chick" style armor for Human females, and other human height races.

This mod is out dated. Check out my new mods: Basket Full of Outfits NSFW and SFW versions.

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This mod has been out dated since 2020!

Check out my new mods: Basket Full of Outfits. NSFW version that currently contains 41 pieces of equipment. And it's smaller sibling Basket Full of Outfits. SFW version that currently contains 27 pieces of equipment. Both mods contain all the outfits included in this mod. Updated with more advanced modding knowledge. Including no longer requiring loose files, custom icons, and many more new outfits.

About this mod:
This is my first mod ever, and I originally created it just for myself. However, since BG3 armor modding is still in its infancy, every mod counts. As does any piece of new knowledge gained, and shared, no matter how small.

This mod adds a new "Biker Chick" style armor for Human females, and other human height races. For males, halflings and dwarves, the armor looks like the Drow leather armor. For Githyanki there is some pants clipping, and for Tieflings their "wing bones" (or whatever those growths on their back are) make the underwear poke through from the back.

The armor was created by combining the following parts: Drow boots, Drow pants, Bandit belt, Refugee jacket, Dog collar, Bandit shoulderpads and Bracers of Archery. I also recolored the underwear to a very dark blue, almost black, and the Dog collar to a dark grey. This replaces the textures for all, so everyone's underwear is now black.

There is some minor clipping of the jacket through the shoulderpads, but in actual gameplay, you won't really notice it.

Biker Chick Armor. Same stats as Leather Armor, except that you get +1 to intimidation, for rocking this cool new outfit. It's also classed as a robe, so that even Wizards can enjoy it.
Biker Chick Boots. Same stats as Leather Boots.
Biker Chick Bracers. Same stats as Leather Gloves.

How to acquire:
For a new game. The Equipment.txt added as a loose file will change every custom character's armor to the Biker chick armor.
For an existing save. The only way that I know of, is by using a CheatEngine table to add items.

The main .zip file can be installed with Candor Mod Manager
The textures, Refugee Jacket's 3D model, Equipment.txt must be added as loose files.
Just unpack the BikerChick - Loose to the Data folder.
You can delete the Equipment.txt after starting the game. Equipment.txt designates the starting gear, so it is also not needed for existing saves.

Loose file locations:
Underwear texture goes here: \Data\Generated\Public\Shared\Assets\Characters\_Models\Tieflings\TIF_CLT_Underwear\TIF_F_CLT_Underwear_A\Resources
Dog Collar texture goes here: \Data\Generated\Public\Shared\Assets\Characters\_Models\_Creatures\Dog\Resources
Refugee Jacket 3D model goes here: \Data\Generated\Public\Shared\Assets\Characters\_Models\Humans\Resources
Equipment.txt goes here: \Data\Public\Shared\Stats\Generated

Conflicts with other mods:
This mod will conflict with any mod that modifies starting equipment or uses Underwear or Dog Collar textures.

Uninstallation through Candor Mod Manager.
Delete the loose files.

Special Thanks to:
Norbyte - LSLIB
ShinyHobo - PAK generator

Item Names and RootTemplates:
Biker Chick Armor: UNI_BIKER "dcb349cb-14b1-4894-94a7-1325491f7362"
Biker Chick Boots: UNI_BIKERBOOTS "c37e3b76-50fd-4182-bcdf-5ae72c786576"
Biker Chick Bracers: UNI_BIKERBRACERS "be5254a2-0a1a-4d85-ac76-5ab674be75f1"

Special Note:
The _merged.lsf file packed in the PAK file contain some unnecessary parts, that I've left for instructional purposes. I will also, hopefully soon, make an instructional guide on how to create mods such as this. I encourage everyone with even a hint of modding skill to unpack my mod files and start experimenting. You can even us my files as a base for your own mod. No need to credit me in anyway.