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They rolled initiative. Rattle 'em, boys! A random skeleton will come to your aid at the beginning of combat. Will yours be common or ultra rare? Brought to you by the wizard behind Valkrana's Spellbook.

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Whether for fortune, fame, or femurs, you've thrown in your lot with the multiverse's most awkward necromancer, Valkrana. As one of her lieutenants, a random skeleton will join your side at the beginning of combat.

Before leaving, your new benefactor imparted these words of wisdom: "All skeletons are reanimated equal, but some are more equal than others."

50+ Common Skeletons — From Glow-in-the-Dark to Dave...
15+ Rare Variations — Area telekinesis, wild surges, haste...
Super Rare Skeleton — Ready to face Yara the Planar Bladesinger, Valkrana's Final Apprentice?
Super Super Rare Skeleton — Gilded fellow, tough as rocks, drops very rare Valkrana's Limited Edition Bone item...

This mod will spawn from a pool of 50+ random skeletons*. Some are better than others. Rarely, they'll appear with a unique buff. Rarely, you'll face down an echo of Valkrana's apprentice. Very, very rarely, a special gilded skeleton might spawn. The gilded skeleton will turn hostile after the fight, so prepare yourself for a mini-boss encounter. Yara only spawns with the Skeletal Challenge mod active. All skeletons receive a slight increase to HP and bonus cold damage relative to your character level, and are humanely disposed of at the end of combat. 10-second internal cooldown on activation. *Will spawn from a smaller pool of weaker skeletons until character level 4.

Requires Script Extender.

Feat Version
Adds the Skeleton Crew feat as an alternative option, and attaches this mod's functionality to the feat instead. Only one skeleton will spawn per combat even if multiple characters have the feat. Will spawn two skeletons if this and the base version of the mod are active.

Valkrana's Limited Edition Bone
Requires Valkrana's Spellbook for full functionality. Otherwise, Skeleport will appear as a non-functional question mark. More reliable loot options here.

Free Skeletons!
The clerics don't want you to know this, but the skeletons in the graveyard are free. You can take them home. Just select the character who wants a skeleton, open Script Extender console, press enter, then type !valkranaleb and press enter again.

If, by chance, a friendly skeleton doesn't disappear after combat, it should do so after a short or long rest. At any time, you can open Script Extender console and input the !vsc_sweeper command to clear all active skeletons, excluding those from the Limited Edition Bone.

Red Version
Has been archived, rewritten, and moved to Valkrana's Skeletal Challenge.

Includes support for and will spawn skeletons from the following mods:

Thanks to StarEMC2 for providing an easy reference for some of the custom skeleton skins; Muffin, Focus, and LaughingLeader for help with modvars; and as always, Norbyte and LaughingLeader for their contributions to BG3 modding.

Disclaimer: This mod avoids using NPC skeletons, but I have not tested the entire campaign for any unforeseen side effects.