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15 Chromatic Crystal Dyes ready to have great time. Custom container and dye icons. All In One pack!

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Meet the cast...


...more examples of the dyes above ! (an excessive amount)


Act 1: 
 Tutorial Chest, Arron, Dammon, Derryth Bonecloak 

Act 2: 
Dammon, Gith Quartermaster

Act 3: 
Dammon, Face Paint Clown, Sharess Caress Bartender 

Alternatively plug this in Script Extender Console:
TemplateAddTo("803eee03-59c8-4272-9c7e-96e3fd91c160", GetHostCharacter(),1,1)

*The dyes spill out of the container when bought from merchants which seems to be the normal behavior when buying items in a container
kindly put them back or let them be free as backpack decoration !


Install with Baldur's Gate 3 Mod Manager

Thanks !

Modding god Padme4000 for guides and Dye Template
Dyes lordt AstralSprout for Dye Mod Guide
Sample Equipment Mod  for Icons Atlas / Template
People at Down by the River Discord for being cute and helping me get my shit to work lol

and YOU!! yes you specifically !!

Other Notes

- Sample images contain some unreleased WIP mods *that Ive been working from time to time jumping around different projects
(heads, body shape, outfits, etc) 

- I use a more subtle Clear Skies Reshade so the colors might be different for others with different Reshade / vanilla 

- All icons made from Photoshopping the fug out of vanilla icons: Bag icon from Black Diamond, Dye crystal icons some Shar gem