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A visual replacer for Astarion made for my own tastes, posted for others to enjoy.

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What does this mod do?

I love Astarion, he's definitely my favourite of the Origin characters as is evidently the same for a lot of people, but there was one thing about him that always slightly irked me, he looks too normal.

My main goal was to hopefully make him look a little more undead and neglected considering what he went through for 200 years, along with some cosmetic tweaks that are purely my personal preference.

Primarily his face is more gaunt with his cheeks more sunken in, I've made his teeth pointier to match those of the other Vampire spawn, he's far more sickly and pasty looking though how pale he looks is quite heavily effected by lighting, and I have also given him some wrinkles because I like him older. He also comes with a new custom hairstyle (edited vanilla mesh).

I recommend using this alongside my Astarion EA doublet restoration mod. His character portrait is not manually replaced however when he levels up the game should automatically update his portrait image with the changes made by this mod. This mod is fully compatible with any texture replacers for Astarion, such as That Unslightly Mole or No Abs for Companions

This replacer was largely inspired by this lovely art work by Lauralobat on Twitter

Known Issues

The speak with the dead VFX may or may not work with this edited mesh, I have not tested it out yet. I couldn't get the hair physics to apply to the new hair model, it's not that big of an issue but you will notice that the little ponytail doesn't jiggle when moving and clings to the back of his neck a bit.

On lower settings there might be some slight visible differences with his hair meshes between LODs.


This mod edits Astarion's Head and Hair mesh, Hair Textures, and his Merged file. Any files that edit this will be incompatible, so most Astarion overhauls will conflict. If you also use a CC mod that enables Astarion's Hair and Face they will use the new meshes from this mod.


Drop the Generated and Public folder into your steamapps/common/Baldurs Gate 3/Data folder or GOG equivalent.

I only want a certain part of the mod, how can I install X but still keep Y?


This is easy to do! Because the mod is in a loose file format you can simply delete the files you don't want to retain the original or keep the changes from another mod.

To remove the new face mesh:
Delete Generated\Public\Shared\Assets\Characters\_Anims\Elves\_Male\Resources\ELF_M_NKD_Head_Astarion.GR2

To remove the new hair mesh (I recommend removing the hair texture too as it is designed to fit the new hair mesh)
Delete Generated\Public\Shared\Assets\Characters\_Models\_Hair\Resources\HAIR_HUM_M_Astarion.GR2
and Generated\Public\Shared\Assets\Characters\_Models\_SharedAssets\SHARED_Hair\Resources\HAIR_Astarion_MSKA.DDS

To remove the skin changes:
Delete Public\Shared\Content\Assets\Characters\Character Editor Presets\Origin Presets\[PAK]_Astarion\_merged.lsf



To uninstall the main mod delete the following files:
Public\Shared\Content\Assets\Characters\Character Editor Presets\Origin Presets\[PAK]_Astarion\_merged.lsf

To uninstall the optional doublet delete the following file:

Mods used in screenshots: 
That Unsightly Mole by Mithran56
Astarion's Manicure by Labotor