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Sort of restores Astarion's early access doublet, it isn't exactly the same but it's close

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What is this mod?

A simple mod that tries to recreate Astarion's early access doublet and adds it as new camp clothes + armor, his vanilla armor is not touched nor replaced. It is not exactly the same, hence the 'sort of', the pants on the outfit are different than EA.

I am aware a mod for this already exists, it was posted just shortly before I finished my own but I decided my version was different enough to be worth posting and allowing people to pick which they prefer, that and well I didn't want to waste the hours I spent figuring out how to make this.

The key difference between the two mods are the colours, since they had to be recreated from scratch to make the armour, mine are brighter and a bit less saturated (I've included a comparison image for reference) so it is down to personal preference which you prefer, and I don't see any harm in allowing people two choices.

This mod adds camp clothes and 3 sets of armor all based on the vanilla Padded armors, the first has 11AC, the second has 12AC with +1 bludgeoning resistance, and the third has 13AC with +2 bludgeoning resistance, so you should be able to use the armor further into the game than his starting one. All items should work for all races/body sizes. Armor is classified as Light so it is effected by Light Armor proficiency.

There are now optional pak file replacers for Astarion's starter armour, camp clothes, and Spawn epilogue outfit.


Install with BG3 Mod Manager, drop into your mod folder and drag the pak file into the active mods field. May require a long rest before the items appear in shops.

The armours can be acquired from the following places:

Act 1:
Nautiloid Tutorial Chest - Camp Clothes + Basic Armour
Druid Grove Merchant - Camp Clothes + Basic Armour + Armour +1

Act 2:
Harper Quartermaster - Camp Clothes + Armour +1 + Armour +2
Moonrise Zhent Quartermaster - Camp Clothes + Armour +1 + Armour +2

Act 3:
Danthelon - Camp Clothes + Armour +2

If you don't like my version of the armour please check out Bubble-bones version

Special thanks to:
AnteMaxx for their Sample Equipment Mod which helped me figure some of the ins and outs of changing armor parts
Keefr for the BG3 Creator's Cauldron which really helped simplify the starting process of getting the armor set up

Mods used in screenshots:
That Unsightly Mole
Astarion's Patch 5 Fangs
Astarion's Manicure