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random stuff I have made for my own playthroughs

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What is in here?
Mini Hairpack
Small hairpack that is not included to my other hair mod page, cause unlike them these are not made fully from vanilla assets. 8 Hairstyles for Elf/Half-elf/Drow/Tiefling/Human bodytype2.

Hair meshes in this mod were all originally made by Vincent Page and are under CC Attribution license.
I have remapped uvs of all models to BG3 textures, edited meshes to fit BG3 heads better and mixed them with vanilla BG3 hair meshes.
Materials I have used are from here and here.
Original creator has no association/affiliation with me or this mod!

More CC Colours

New eyecolours, blindness, sand some new hair colours, new scars. You will need improvedui mod to see all of the scars.
I removed all my old skintones cause they looked really bad after the changes that happened with how lipsticks work at launch.

Shadow Druid's backpack

You will find a Suspicious Barrel from tutorial area that contains four backpacks: Shadow Druid outfit, outfits for women, outfits for men and weapons pack. Clothes can be bought from druid merchant for a cheap prize.
// Mostly for tall people(Humans, elves, tiefling), not for githyanki since they have much thinner and different shaped body, clothes are too big for them. Dwarf female visuals somewhat now included.
I see if I can update this later
EDIT: some stuff updated, see screenshots.

Other mods in screenshots
Yves Hair Gallery
Custom Backdrops for Character Creation and Level Up


Jerinski for tutorial of how to setup piercings to be used in CC
Larian Studios for amazing EA game and assets
AnteMaxx for tutorial of how to setup tooltip icons
Padme4000 for beard tutorial
and new CC content tutorial

Kay's CC Icon Template