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Adds a potion to drink to change stats, AC, speed, actions, BA. Also spawn different magic items.
V1.29 Add: summon unique gloves, weapons, armor, helmet, boots, rings, amulets.

Permissions and credits
V1.29 Add: summon unique gloves, weapons, armor, helmet, boots, rings, amulets.

V1.28 Add: Add +5 Sorcery Points + Metamagic Tag (and remove same)

V1.26 Add: Magic items5 - Neres Sword, Sapphire Spark, Gloves of Flint & Steel, Staff of Arcane Blessing, Ilmater Aid [aka the Kerp update]

V1.26 Fix: ShadowTouched can pick 5 spells (6 with 5e Spells)

V1.25 Add: Slasher Feat, Patch8 Bard items include a drum and Assassin Blade (which ive fixed to work).

V1.24 Add: compatibilty with Expanded Warlock 2.1

V1.23 Add: Patch 8 - add Performer Feat, summon bard items and bard starts with the potion.

V1.22 Add: Add Dual Wielder Feat and Add Shield Proficiency

V1.21 Fix: Improved compatibilty with Warlock Expanded {Celestial added}

V1.20 Fix: FeyTouched: can select Bless, Sleep, Hex or Tasha's Hiedous Laughter.

V1.19 Fix: Telekinesis Charisma feat now works.

V1.18 Add: summon patch 7 magic items

V1.17 Update: tested to work with Barbarian (Patch 7)

V1.16 Fix: change to goldbars- you get 5k worth of gold bars and 4k in gold coins (goldbars are useable with trader, coins are usable for trade but not barter option, why? who knows)

V1.15 Update: Heavy, Rogues, Archery, Gold Bar & Grymforge items now spawn into your inventory

V1.14 Add compatibility with HomeBrew Features mod

V1.13 Adds Heavy Armor Master Feat

V1.12 Adds grymforge weapons

V1.11 Adds Soap and Water (can clean your character or make it dirty and bloody)

V1.10 Fix for Eldritch Adept

V1.09 Add sling, darts, magic handcrossbow, wpn and armor proficiency.

V1.08 Updated for patch 6 (Note: check for updates to More Feats and Feats Extra is you are doing to add Feats). See point V1.07.

V1.07 Adds ~30 feats from Base game, More Feats and Feats Extra (those mods are required). NOTE: the feats dont show up at level 4, dont accidentally take the same feat twice. Will allow you to give a feat at level 1 for origin and custom characters.

Please watch video of how it works! You select say +3 str then need to click on ground/ portrait for it be be cast.

V1.06 Add Disguise Self: Halsin, Mindflayer, Worg, Mizora, Minthara
V1.05 Add 3 sets of magic items, plus nets for heavy armor set (see pictures)
V1.04 Should really work with Monk and both Paladin Mods
V1.03 Should work if you choose modded classes, like Devoted Paladin, Monk, Barbarian, Bard, Hexblade, in character creation. Load this mod after the class mods.

V1.02 Can increase action, bonus actions, reactions, summon gold, heavy armor, rogue equipment and fire arrows.

V1.01 Fix & you can increase initiative (+5 OR +10 OR remove buff. Note: they are NOT stackable).

You should get a potion (using invis potion visuals) at game start and can be bought from the Skeleton Trader.
Drink the potion will unlock the ability to change your stats, AC and Movement.
You can toggle this on and off from the reaction bar.
You lose this ability after a long rest but you can just drink the potion again (its magical and never runs out).
You can select to add (or reduce) your stats by 1, 2 or 3. But is stackable so you can choose +3 many times etc.
Maximum is 30. I HAVE NOT tested lowest level let me know when it crashes!

You can just give the potion to your team members to drink.

Uses: make your dream build
You made a mistake and don't want to go back 3 hours to your last ASI.
You want to try a dex based fighter halfway through the game.
You want to make Laezel a dex fighter, or give Shadowheart better stats etc.
You want to have 30 in every stat at level 1.

Likely issues: if you already have 20 in a stat and want to take a feat that grants a stat boost, you may need to reduce your stat to below 20 before taking the feat, then after taking the feat just increase the stat again. I havent tested with 30 in all let me know. I havent tested maximum AC or Movement.. feel free.. but should be fine for normal AC less than 30 or normal speeds.

Compatibility: adds potion to starting equipment and to Skeleton Trader treasuretable.txt. Not compatible with other mods that change this data otherwise should play nice with most mods. Load last to override other mods changes.