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The mods here will add hairs as new hairs. So no NPC's will be affected unless you specifically direct them to my hairs. Hairs labelled Patch 6 have been updated to Patch 6

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What is this mod?

The mods here will add hairs as new hairs. So no NPC's will be affected unless you specifically direct them to my hairs.

My previous mod page Hair Edits will only now be for edits to a specific hair.
Such as the Gnome hair 'fix'
Old versions of the mods now here will remain there as well.

I remember you saying you were close to this back in November why only now?

I had majority of the code worked out in November you are correct
But I couldn't work out what was wrong or what was missing.

So thank you to both tekknen for trying to help getting .pak working originally back in November
and thank you ShinyHobo for figuring out that last piece of the puzzle.
I really would have been continued to be puzzled by this.
Seriously thank you <3

If you're generally curious on the process of November till now read the below

How do I install this mod?

You can install this mod with;

BG3 Mod Manager

Candor Mod Manager



What has been done?

Mizora Hair for All
Halsin Hair for All
Padme4000 Short Braid for All

What are you working on?

Hair 14 from Females to Males

Can I use your template to make my own mod?

I believe if you already are able to make your own hairs
you can definitely add them as new hairs. I put extensive work into this
to make sure it is not only helping me make future new hairs but others too.
Which is why I uploaded a template.

Alternatively if you want to just make one race ShinyHobo uploaded our findings here
Super super handy for when only doing one new asset.

As mine has them all including Gnomes so may be overwhelming if you only want to do only one.
But feel free to use the extra notes on mine to help you alter the raceid etc
Especially if you're new to modding as I added notes to everything

Further findings below Spoiler


Other Hair Mod Suggestions

Hair Edits by Soriyumi
Extra Hair Slot by Kittentails


To ShinyHobo for their BG3 Modders Multitool
Norbyte for their lslib tool
Laughing Leader for their BG3 Mod Manager
Shadowchild for their Candor Mod Manager

And also Thank you to all my friends who believe in me.
I don't think I would still be modding without all of you.