Baldur's Gate 3

About this mod

Race mod that adds the Aasimar as a new race Based on Volo's Guide to monsters , Adding tons of new assets and customization , Half angel (Aasimar 5E) is the most customizable custom race currently and always being updates to further add more customizations

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welcome to half angel : Aasimar page , the most customizable custom race for bg3

What this mod offers : 
- over 25 unique halo's and horns customization
-over 10 different unique wings or tails customizations
-unique hairstyles made for the race 
-unique heads made for the race
-all the customizations can be overlapped to create further customizations
-Three different Unique Subraces that offer different lore and varity in gameplay 
-Custom passive skills for each subrace 
-Custom race tags 
-Support for the most popular bg3 mods and a gallery of patches that gets updates regulary to offer support for more mods 

-First download improvedUI and ImprovedUI Assets from the required tab (improvedUI assets is in the optional files for improvedUI)
-Grab one version of the aasimar race (and the hair if you'd like the custom hairs) 
-for unique tav mod users grab the unique tav version of aasimar and then the Unique tav patch under updated files 
-export using bg3mm or install using vortex mod manager

Caution : if you plan to use v9 wip be aware that most of the new customizations can be found in facial hair slot and most of them are made for male characters only at the current moment , this purely wip i just wanted to share what i'm working on so far for all my supporters , i use custom made materials for the new bodies , meaning your face scars will show up on the body aswell *intended* and that first slot of make up and first slot of tattoos include a custom body tattoo that u can change the color directly ingame , plus i have custom body cracks that u can change the color using the horns color selection , be aware this has bugs and its not finished at all , its purely WIP so use it if you really want to otherwise just test it out <3 :3

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I give free permission to translate this mod page to whatever language you want :) 

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Credits : 
All the angels in the DarthRen Modding for the constant support and love <3
Norbyte and laughingleader for all the tools <3
Bugatti excheleon for all the patches <3