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Increase the Party size to max 8.
(Max! 3 Custom Chars!!)

Try This new Download!:
THX to moeilijk

Patch 8 make some Trouble.
-New Value Number moved to # 1236

This Workaround with the Tool is very Experimental.
But i hope u can have

Permissions and credits
Patch 8
There is a NEW Safegame Location
C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\PlayerProfiles\YOU\Savegames\Story


Try this new Download:

Maybe Work with patch 8

How to:
NOTE: If u Start with alone or till max 3 Custom Chars it Works.
    If u Start with 4 Custom Chars it will maybe dont Work! 

Till now in Update 5 there are some problems to let this workaround to run.
maybe for some issues we have to wait for updates sorry

Images was done in Patch 4. Pls Take the numbers and links from here.

First you need a new Save File.    (later savegames can get some problems)

1. Start a New Game and do a Safestate.

2. Download:

3. Extract the .ZIP where you want   and start ConverterApp.exe

4. at Top pick Game: Baldurs Gate 3
at the Tabs click   Story (OSI)tools
   at   Story/savegame file Path:   press the "..."
   and Navigate to
   C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\PlayerProfiles\YOU\Savegames\Story\safename\safename.lsv
       Then Press load at right top. Wait a little and a Message with Save game database loaded succesfully comes. press ok.
  at Database Editor search for the Database:   DB_Origins_MaxPartySize(1) # 1236 (1rows)
  there are sorted by Numbers. That mean you have to move from the #1 till # 1236

5. Then the Value shows u a "4". Change it to 6 or 8 what ever you want (4-8). (8 if u do 1 Start char and 2 custom Chars at beginning. + all 5 Companions can join)
6. When you done it Press Save.

And thats all the Magic. You are ready to play with more then 4 in Party.We Have to wait for the New version from the Download.
  ATM 1.5.10 from 21.08.2021
Need a new one. Till there the tool dont work with Patch7. Maybe till next Week we have a new one.

NOTE: If u Start with alone or till max 3 Custom Chars it Works.
    If u Start with 4 Custom Chars it will maybe dont Work!