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Steps on how YOU can change your own Party Size.

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People want to change party size, as of now that is only doable at the save level not as a mod.

If there is demand I could post save game files that are altered for 6 party, but that takes a lot of work and removes your choice of character.

This was posted on reddit.


Hey everyone, I'm back with another post. I thought this warranted it's own, since it's a bit different than the other general modding post I made and is a very asked for feature: Increased party size!

What we are going to accomplish:

-We will modify a save file so that it will allow up to 8 characters in the party at a time.

NOTE: I've only tested this with the first 6, since I started a new game.

Only proceed on a save file you are willing to lose, since I can't say whether it will be stable later in the game.What you will need:
-Copy of Baldur's Gate 3 (I will assume the Steam version, but this should work for any other local install)-Larian Export Tool (

As before, there is a chance you can break your saves in this process.

Please make a backup before editing anything important!

First step is to open the export tool ConverterApp.exe.

Navigate to the 4th tab "Story (OSI) tools"

Then in the top field we are going to select our save file. The path is something like C:\Users\You\Documents\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\PlayerProfiles\ProfileName\Savegames\Story\AutoSave_8\AutoSave_8.lsv.
Once you've picked a save file to mod, hit load. You should see a success message after a few seconds. Now in order to test that the save can be modded, immediately press save. If it says save successful, you are good to go! If it gives you an error, which in my case I noticed that the tool wasn't able to modify saves that were later in the game, just fire up a new character and use it's initial autosave.

After confirming our save is moddable, go down to the database editor at the bottom. This part is a bit tricky, since you can't actually search for a database you just have to look through the shit load of tables. All I can say is that we're looking for a database named "DB_ORIGINS_MAXPARTYSIZE", which has a single entry of a value of 4.

The best way to find that database is to just look through 1 at a time from the dropdown. I have found that if I scroll about 1/5 down the list, it will be pretty close. If you see files with "CRIME", you haven't scrolled far enough. If you stop seeing names with "DB_GLO" at the beginning, you've gone too far. That's my best advice, but anyway when you find that database in the dropdown, select where it says 4 and change it to 8. That's the limit set in the game's code to handle, I can say that the UI might get a little wonky when you get to 6 even so use your best judgement while playing.

Edit: as u/Tomaatoo23 pointed out, the database entries are ordered by number and the one we need is #841, so just scroll down until you find that!

After changing the value, make sure to hit "save" back up near the top. That will load your changes into the save file. Then when you go back in and load that save, you'll get a warning message that the save file has been tampered with.

Again, I've tested with the first 6 characters and it looks to work fine, YMMV though as there might be some scripted events that fail in this scenario.

Have fun!