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Modular highlight system, add what you want to see and left what you don't want. + Hide looted empty containers and Highlight toggle. Performance safe.

Permissions and credits
Consider endorse the mod if you find it useful or write me a comment for any feedback/request

Some words

It's my first mod on Nexus and I have to dig into a lot of files to cherry-pick game objects. So please be patient. :)
I'm quite limited for request, some issues are Larian's one and something like SearchTheRoom is relying on script, something I have no knowledge in right now.

If you want to contact me I'm on discord : hash0000
(Don't spam me, please :D)

Huge thanks to ShinyHobo, without his wonderful tool this mod couldn't exist.

What this mod do :

- 19 modules, letting you customize your highlight with what you want
(Hatches and doors not yet available)

- All in one Edition
(Merge of all modules excepted the Wanderer, Collector, Secret, Trap, and SearchForBlood a special request)

- Loose planks, breakable walls and a lot more highlights (Secret Edition)
- Coffin/Sarcophagus highlight (Coffin Edition)
- Wall climb highlight (Wanderer Edition)
- Rows of books and library highlight (Library Edition)
- Furniture containers highlight (Furniture Edition)
- Highlight valuable wines (Alcohol Edition)
- Highlight valuable items like paintings and seashells (Collector Edition)
(for now all paintings, need more insights on valuable ones)

- Change the color of lever, button, specific action (English and French localization)

- Highlight containers missing in the vanilla tooltip (crates, barrels, burlap sack, vase, etc...)
(Depending on the chosen Edition, vases, crates, barrels, burlap sack are in separate Editions)

- Less performance heavy than other highlight mods
(Only the necessary files are modified, the majority of the highlight mods apply 3 or 4 times the same parameter to one object, this one applies it only to the parent files which then apply the parameter to the children. Example : Vases is only one file in this mod, reducing the load on your alt input)

What this mod doesn't do :

- Highlight everything

What is planned :

- Add a Foodie module (removing useless food like carrots)
- Further improvement
- Change the color of hidden/secret items to purple

How to report items shown or missing :

I would like to have a track of items missing or to add (containers/valuables/hidden/important), so for this reason, give me their name in the BUGS section and try to keep things organized, even if I try to have all of this on my computer already.

Recommended mods to use with :

- Hide looted containers + custom toggle
(Unfortunately no longer available, but you can download as optional files on the page of my mod)

- BetterLoot
(Giving you more loot and less empty containers, not tested yet, but compatible)

Installation : 

Use BG3 Mod manager, not tested with Vortex but should work. Use Mod fixer at launch of a new game or after only if you encounter issues.
Drop the .pak file in your mod folder (C:\Users\*you*\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods)
Refresh mod manager.
Save the load order.

Uninstallation :

Like most mods, remove the file.
You can safely remove the mod on an ongoing save.

Compatibility :

Should be compatible with all mods, except those that change containers properties or level files for items.
Working for me with more than 50 mods.

Known issues :

- Waiting your feedback

Suggested features

- Add a toggle which trigger for one quick Alt input and also keep the vanilla hold input

Credits :

ShinyHobo for his great tool.

TheGodsThemselves giving me the right to use the code used to Hide looted empty containers.

Banchouboo for his nice and minimalistic reshade preset.

Aetherpoint for the immerssive UI.

Thanks for your contribution.