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This is a mod broken down into eight modules that increase production for all Animal Buildings, all Farms, Raw Resources, doubles Services range, increase Arctic Heater, Oil Power Plant, and Gas Power Plant range, and reduces the Farm Fields by 50%. Best to use Anno 1800 Mod Manager. Created to work with LoL and Arctic updates.

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Anno 1800 Production Boosts

Production Boosts is separated into eight modules. All Animal Buildings production times reduced to increase production. All Farm Buildings production times reduced to increase production. All Raw Resources production time is reduced to increase production. All Service Buildings range is doubled. All Farm Field Modules Limits reduced by half to save space. Separate Modules to increase the range of Arctic Heater, Gas Power Plant, and Oil Power Plant. There is also a module to remove the Tractor Barn Field Increase of 50% Buff if users don't want to deal with the default field limit with the buff. This is my first mod on Nexus so feedback is welcomed and encouraged. I have not been able to test a full game yet, so if a building that is supposed to be affected isn't registering I would like to know about it. Hope you guys enjoy it! 


PLEASE NOTE!! The Delivery Distance Should be fixed but might need some more work for balancing. There is an Optional File to Modify the Influence system that will cut in half the required influence and then double the bonuses that you acquire.
This is based on Modular Production Boost by Callesen58
Modular Production Boost

[Boost] Increase Animal Production

Alpaca Farm - NW -  30s15s
Apiary - E - 30s15s
Bear Hunting Cabin - A -  90s45s
Caribou Hunting Cabin - A -     60s30s
Cattle Farm - NW -    60s30s
Cattle Farm - OW -  120s60s
Fish Oil Factory - NW -      30s         15s
Fishery - Old World -          30s15s
Goat Farm - E - 60s 30s
Goose Farm - A -     120s         60s
Hunting Cabin - OW -        60s         30s
Husky Farm - A -     120s60s
Lobster Fishery - E - 60s30s
Pig Farm - OW -         60s30s
Pristine Hunting Cabin - A       15s         15s    ---     Did not Change
Sanga Farm - E -       60s30s
Seal Hunting Docks - A - 30s15s
Sheep Farm - OW -   30s15s
Whaling Station - A -        60s30s

[Boost] Increase Crop Production/Field Reduction

----Farm----                                   --Default--                 --Modded--   
Time - Fields   Time - Fields
Apiary - E -- 192       - 96
Caoutchouc Plantation - NW -        60s - 144                   30s- 72
Cocoa Plantation - NW - 60s- 128           30s -  64
Coffee Plantation - NW - 60s- 168 30s - 84
Corn Farm - NW -     60s- 168  30s - 84
Cotton Plantation - NW =        60s- 144  30s - 72
Grain Farm - OW -    60s- 144  30s - 72
Hibiscus Farm - E -  60s- 144  30s - 72
Hop Farm - OW -      90s - 96    45s - 48
Indigo Farm - E -      60s- 144  30s - 72
Linseed Farm - E      60s - 96   30s - 48
Plantain Plantation - NW -     30s - 12815s - 64
Potato Farm - OW -         30s - 72   15s - 36
Red Pepper Farm - OW -       120s- 108  60s - 54
Spice Farm - E -       60s- 128   30s - 64
Sugar Cane Farm - NW -        30s - 128  15s - 64
Tobacco Plantation - NW - 120s- 192   60s - 96
Teff Farm - E -         60s- 168   30s - 84
Vineyard - OW -   120s- 128    60s - 64

[Boost] Increase Raw Resource Production

Increases the production times of raw resources by 100% so you get more resources in less time.

[Boost] Arctic Heater Range

Doubles the effective range of the coal Arctic Heater

[Boost] Gas Power Plant

Doubles the effective range of the gas power plant

[Boost] Oil Power Plant

Doubles the effective range of the oil power plant and increases the time usage of oil from 5s to 15s

[Boost] Remove Tractor Barn Field Increase

Changes the field increase modifier of the tractor barn from 50% to 0%

[Boost] Increase Services

Doubles the effective range and maximum range of service buildings

[Boost] Increase Institutation Range

Doubles the effective range and maximum range of service buildings

Optional: [Boost] Influence Modifier

Reduces influence needed for bonuses by half and increases bonuses awarded by 100%