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Removes the restriction of farmfields having to be placed adjacent to one another. Removes restriction that tractor barn and silo have to be build adjacent to the main building.

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For lifting the restriction on culture buildings see Culture Module Placement by Radius in Spice it Up.
For increasing the radius of  animal farms see Animal farms bigger size of placement.
Farmfields have to be placed directly adjacent to on another. This can be quite annoying since roads and other buildings can get in the way of placing the farmfields (especially when building superbuffed farms).

Therefore this mod removes the restriction of farmfields of having to be placed adjacent to one another for all farms. Instead the farmfields are now restricted like pastures, i.e. by a large radius.

In addition to that, the restriction for tractor barns and silos having to be placed next to their main building has been removed.
Thank you to Aks47 for the suggestion.

Radius is chosen in a way that seemed sensible but should allow enough space for most placements.

In case of me being too busy to update or If you want to change the radius of any building you can find the dev version of the mod in the optional files. It includes a jupyter notebook which can be used to auto generate the assets file from the game's assets.