Anno 1800

About this mod

A Collection, App, Tool, Mod, or whatever you wanna call it ;) of different QoL changes, Addons and other Gameplay additions.

A less cheaty approach to adjust the Game while also adding tons of new Gameplay Options, Ornaments, Memes and New Features.

Permissions and credits
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If you dont like replacing any game *dll files in any way then you can skip this Utility completly now and move on. If you dont have any issues with it, then go ahead :)

The Mod loader is a Tool done by meow and its the best utility when it comes to create Mods for Anno 1800. It not only makes the process in creating Mods much more easier, it also saves valuable time when a new patch comes out since it removes the need of adjusting everything to a new asset.xml.
(thanks @meow, your work is appreciated by the entire modding community!)

Because we can but mostly because of being able now to make all the Mods modular, this benefits you the User drastically since you now can adjust what you want and what not. 

Its pretty simple, Anno 1800 uses a programming language called Python and therefore is dependant on the python35.dll. Meow now just took this oppertunity to makes his magic work and squeezed his tool inbetween. This allows us to execute our Mods more easily and more important, more modular.

Simply place the 2 *dll files where your Anno1800.exe is located (standard = C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\Anno 1800\Bin\Win64) and overwrite the *dll if asked (backup is included python23_ubi.dll) and thats it.

In your main install dir of Anno 1800 needs to be a new folder called "mods" (standard = C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\Anno 1800).This is where you place any modular mod that is made for the Mod loader.

Inside your mods folder should be multiple folders for each corrosponding Mod youve installed, if you dont like something, just place a - infront of the folder name and the Mod wont be loaded on your next game startup. 

Example:         Zoom-Mod = Mod gets loaded
                -Zoom-Mod = Mod wont get loaded

Yes you can but under the condition that everyone in the Party also has the same mods activated, else you will encounter a version mismatch when the game is loading.

If you want to hang out, need help or anything else related to Anno 1800 modding, you can join us on discord: Modding Corner. There you find the creator of the modloader and other modders of course.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The first game startup may take a moment since the modloader cashes the changes made by the mods. This enables a more speedy startup for future gamestarts.Keep in mind that enabling/disabling a mod will redo the caching on the next startup. Modloader is opensource and can be viewed at Github: ModLoader project

The mod is available in all languages the game offers, except japanese. If you want to do the japanese translation, feel free to do so! You can contact us in the Discord for that matter. 



  • DaLexy (Original Creator) 
  • fishboss (Cargostorage) 
  • kskudlik (AI Shipyard and Active Pause)
  • Miraak (Remove Thirdparty Messages and Less Newspaper)
  • MystiqueBee84 (Harborlife and Oil Pier)
  • OSFox (Northern Rivers Removed)
  • Troubadix (Active Trader Nate)
  • LonelyPorter (Rework of NPC Dice Improved and the No Legendaries Variant). 
  • Taubenangriff (Updates since version 2.5)  

  • Gotxiko (Spanish)
  • KhioElmdorh (French)
  • xenonisbad (Polish)
  • MaxCheng95 (Traditional Chinese)
  • coralfox (Simplified Chinese)
  • 997962520 (Simplified Chinese)
  • NikMsk_SPA_M_97 (Russian)
  • OSFox (Russian)
  • SilentRiver (Korean) 

A big thank you to all translators, because of you, this mod has become available to the international Anno-community. This is exactly what the internet was made for. 

The Team of "The Nose" Betatesters: 
  • Balthoraz
  • bergi
  • Darrel
  • Dawny Daviau
  • ferre
  • Hyperlogy
  • IDLE77G
  • Jengo
  • rainbow loord
  • Valkyria
  • Violet Chaolan
  • Woolfman

Also, a big thank you to all of the testers, who helped figure out numerous bugs and provided some good feedback. 


Contents of this Mod-package:


Entirely new functions for your game

Attractiveness Rebalancing
Encourages the construction of ornaments by quadrupling their output, while at the same time nerfing all of the attractiveness items to hell. 

Cape Trelawney Camera Flight
Adds a camera flight for Cape Trelawney which can be activated with 'Keypad 8' by default.
Hotkey can be changed in the options menu.

Build a unique city in your Harbor Area, starting with 750 artisans. Works for the Old and the New World. 

Sandbox Mode
Adds a sandbox where you have everything unlocked at the start. 


Qualitiy of Life Adjustments for your game.

Airship Hangar Without Quest
Unlocks the airship hangar without having to play the story. 

Bad language filter removed
removes the bad language filter completly.

Map Seeds Patch 3
Adds additional map seeds that briefly were in the game in Patch 3. 

Mine Infolayers
Changes the mine slot's infolayer to show what resource can be built on them. 

Northern Rivers removed
This edit completly removes all river islands from the Northern region.

Remove Third Party Messages
Removes the chatter and overall voice of the NPC.

Southern Rivers reduced
This edit enables the non river variants of the southern islands to be used again in the mapgenerator, so you get a mix of river variants and non river variants.

Southern Rivers removed
This edit completly removes all river islands from the southern region.


Gameplay-Oriented Mods
Mods that Change or add new Options to the Gameplay. 

AI Itemtrade
The AI trades items at their trading posts. The items they sell are drawn from their secondary island rewardpool. 

Active Trader Nate
Old Nate's trade fleet is bigger and will consist of Salvagers, his airships and some cargo boats. 

AI Shipyard
You can call any A.I. enemy into the session whenever you like, wage war against them and even reinvite after you have deleted them from the world. 
In Order to get diplomatic relationships to three-star AI and Dr. Hugo Mercier, you need to construct an embassy, which is basically the same building as the courthouse so many of you wanted to build. 

Arctic Variable Resources
Instead of gold desposits, you will now have variable resources in the arctic. 
On those you can build deep gold, iron, copper and zinc mines (latter produce twice as fast as their old-world counterparts).

Buildable Flagships
You can now build flagships in the sailing shipyard. 

Buildable Great Eastern
Rohit Bhargava is capable of constructing the Great Eastern in shipyards.

Buildable Salvagers
You can now build salvagers in the steam shipyard, as long as you own the DLC. 

Adds 3 new cargo depots for old and new world which increase the storage of the island by 20, 40 and 60 tons.

Charter Clippers
Your chartered ships can load up to 150 tons now. To reflect this change, your chartered ships will now be clippers. 

Commuter Pier for Arctic
You can build the commuter pier in the arctic as well. They can only be built on normal islands, cliffs cannot be reached. 

Commuter pier for New World
You can build the commuter pier in the south as well.

Commuter Pier for Enbesa
You can build the commuter pier in Enbesa as well. 

Commuter pier unlocked with Workers

Easy Seed search
Unlocks every session on the world map, so you can instantly enter them. This is just for searching seeds, story or anything like this won't work! 

Gas Heater
Adds the ability to heat your arctic session using gas. 

Large Tourism Ship
Adds the large tourism ship as a slow trading vehicle with huge cargo capacity.  

Legendary Seeds
Adds legendary seeds to the game, which provide 50% productivity for their farm. 

Incidents Reduced
Higher cooldown on fires, illness and riots. explosions are a rare occurance. 

Increased Harborarea
Increases the harbor area for every island. 

Increased Radius for Gas Pump
Increases the radius for the gas pump

Increased Radius for Oil Refinery
Increases the radius of oil refineries

Influence Rebalancing
This rebalancing of influence tries to solve Influence Issues by reducing costs for stuff that you want in great numbers, and raising them for stuff that you don't build as much. 

Influence Removed
If you just feel limited by influence, delete it from the game. 

Influencecosts reduced for ships
You can also choose to reduce influencecosts just for ships. Stacks with influence rebalancing. 

Inuit Trade Gas
Qumaq now trades a small amount of gas in order to obtain airships without playing the story. 
He also sells a bit of arctic scrap.

Item Buildings Increased Influence Radius
Larger radius for all item buildings, so less item farming. 

More Trade Contracts 
Adds Trade Contracts for Bricks, Steelbeams, Windows, Reinforced Concrete, Polarbear Fur, Sealskin, Paper, Lobster, Illuminated Scripts and Gas

Nate's Airship
Old Nate will now sell his invention, the airship. You can also build them in the airship Hangar that comes with the arctic region. 

NPC Dice Improved
The diceroll at the NPC has been updated, you can also reroll legendary Items

Oil Pier
Adds a pier for oil tankers to use, which is available in the Old, New and Enbesan World

Research Times
Adjusts the Research Times to a minimum of one minute at 50k Engineers. keep in mind that the maximum research times haven't been changed, so the same absolute amount of engineers will make it less faster, only the minimal reduction has been changed.

Royal Taxes Removed
Removes royal taxes in trade for reduced income: 
- 30% Income Cut at investor level
- 15% from beer and rum. 

Ruins on Takeover
When an island is taken over, all of the buildings remain there as a ruin. 

Craft all types of scrap at Old Nate's. 

Storage for Warehouses
Adds 5 tons of extra storage for each warehouse tier.

Ship Capacity
Increases the cargo capacity of ships.

Unlimited Itemtrade
Sets the limit of Items that can be traded to 99999 for each trader. You only need this if you play with the "Land of Lions" DLC. 

Unlimited Scholar Residences
Removes the Build Permit System for Scholars and the respective major discovery. 

Miscellaneous Mods
Memes and Stuff that noone needs

Battlecruiser Skins
Three new skins for battlecruisers. with a bit of Anno modding experience, you can also create your own skins using tileable textures, a grayscale camouflage map and a texture of a battlecruiser without any paint is included. 

Player Color Red
Self explaing.

Soviet Logo
Stalinium approved Logo, comrade. 

Thomas the Dank Engine
Don't even dare to ask how we got the idea. 

Visual Feedback for Twitch Drops
Your residents don't like this kind of advertisment, and will probably start a revolution. 


Multiplayer Mods
stuff that is only for Multiplayer

Ruins on Takeover
When an island is taken over, all of the buildings remain there as a ruin.


Ornamental Mods
For Beautification of your City. 

Arctic Quay
A buildable quay system for the arctic region

City Ornaments
Most of the park ornamental lne adjusted with a plaza groundplane. This is a custom creation that was made before the season pass 2, which adds some similar ornaments, was even announced.

Construction Sites
You can simulate construction of your city by building Construction Sites in 6x6 or 3x6 size. 

Clay Covers
Adds some covers for clay and oil fields. 

Culture Module Placement by Radius
Zoo, museum and botanical garden place their modules like i.e. the sheep farm in a Radius, so no connection is needed. 

Electric Lightling instead of Electricity Wires 
Places some streetlights in areas that are covered by electricity instead of electricity wires. 

Grand Palace
Adds ornamental variants of the palace, which don't have any effect and can be built infinitly. 
Only available to owners of the seat of power DLC. 

Music Pavilion in Construction Menu
Adds the music pavilion for free construction. 

No Cultural Module Limits
Build infinite Modules to all Cultural Buildings. 

Ornamental Docklands 
Adds ornamental variants of the Docklands, which are purely ornamental and can be built infinitly. 
Only available to owners of the Docklands DLC.

Plaza Decoration
A bunch of trees and flowerbeds to spice up plaza. 

Plaza Strees
A street variant of the plaza. Be aware that electricity wires will spawn here, unless you have turned them to off.

Trees with Fences
Adds all of the trees and bushes in three fenced variants. 

Unlimited Botanic Ornaments
Who thought rerolling Construction permissions for ornaments was a good idea? Well now you can build them infinitly. 

Workers City and Park Ornaments
Some new, grey-paved Ornaments for the Workers tier. 

World-Fair Items
Changes the architectural world's Fair. You have infinite channels, pillars, and city advertising. The special world's fair modules (turret, pavilion and gate) are the only ones that have to be obtained in the exhibition.