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About American Mcgee’s Alice HD 2020
Hi! I’m Omri, Check out my art at, I did a lot of stuff here but more importantly what’s in this pack. This Mod is only a VISUAL upgrade. Most of the textures are upgraded 4X but the engine can’t support a higher resolution and a FULL upgrade so some are X2 then the original. Higher then what we have now will not work. We tried.

What we did

Things that we didn't change: Models, Maps, Gameplay (besides Overkill)
If you know how to deal with this engine please contact us, we'd love to change these things (:

Things that were changed: HUD upgrade, Texture upgrade, more models inserted and Menus (Main, Quit, Load, Control). Subtitles.

Reshade is introduced in this pack, it gives the player Depth of Field and some small adjustments. You can add more if you like but we preferred it to stick as close to the original look of the game. Some things looked great In Game but it ruined the menus so we tried to really stick to what works for everything. You can’t separate the game from the menus.

General Notes

1. Changing any setting IN GAME reverts all mod settings to default and you have to re-copy the mod config. Make sure to unlock the read-only, change the CONFIG/AUTOEXEC files and lock them again as read-only.
2. It's optional to NOT TO INSTALL certain Packs, if you don't want "Overkill" or "Reshade" please just don't install it.
3. If you don't like the shadows, change it to " seta cg_shadows "1" which is the default. we PREFER the 3 although it's not perfect we think it still looks better than the original.
4. NEW HUD only works in the original Alice not the HD version of Alice that comes with Madness. Game? Download it from somewhere.
5. DELETE pak1_large.pk3 for the new texture pack to work
6. To install the other Languages packs please delete “ZZPAK6_MOD.PK3” and replace it with the language pack. German, Spanish and French are available. Unfortunately I lost the PSD for the main menu so I can’t replace the words, it will stay in English otherwise I’ll need to remake it from scratch.

+ Without the programmer Tim Massing ([email protected]) this wouldn’t be possible! So thank you!
+ THE HUD was shrunk and reworked by 3D artist Kyle Ross ([email protected]) and Tim Without their expertise that wouldn’t have been possible.
+ Level Select was made By Peixoto. Thank you yochenhsieh for the help on the menus!!
+ Cheat Mode (By Aquatarkus), Press “O” to activate

+ z(Mod)Overkill.pk3 (by Aquatarkus) Adds More enemies/models/light. If you don’t want it, remove the Pak
+ thank you Martin Kovář ([email protected]) for helping out with the font!


To make this mod work, Place the files in your BASE directory
Example: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\American McGee's Alice\Base
Besides the ZIP “extract near Alice EXE” Do as the title says. DELETE pak1_large.pk3 for the new texture pack to work

List of Files
1. Z(MOD)OVERKILL.PK3 - Added more enemies/models to the game
2. ZZPAK10_MODHUD.PK3 - HUD Upgrade
3. ZZPAK8_MOD.PK3 - Cheats Mode, Press O to Activate
4. ZZPAK6_MOD.PK3 - all upgraded menus including Level Select
5. ZZPAK6_ORIGINAL - The original menus Upgraded with no changes, As is just HD
6. ZZPAK5_MODHD.PK3 - Upgraded textures throughout the game
7. AUTOEXEC.CFG - the game tweaked + works the cheat menu
8. CONFIG.CFG - Tweaks of the original Config (1920*1080)
9. ZZPAK11_MODFONT.PK3 – updates the dialogue font and box
10. EXTRACT NEAR ALICEEXE.ZIP - “Reshade” and Audio drivers that might not installed.
11. ZZPAK6_MODFRENCH/GERMAN/SPANISH – Optional to download and install on Mod’s page

Known Bugs
- meta-essence bug - can be fixed if you set shadow to 1 or 2: open base/autoexec.cfg with notepad seta cg_shadows "3" //change 3 to 1 or 2
- Remove the “r_mode”-1” in Autoexec.cfg and Config.cfg if you have resolution problems.

Thank you everyone who helped with this fan made upgrade, I hope everyone will enjoy it. If you have problems write me [email protected]