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Virtual Reality overhaul for the PC version of 7 Days to Die. Adds ability to play vanilla game in VR with 6 degrees of freedom and motion controls.

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Flat to VR modification for the PC version of 7 Days to Die! Supports full motion controls and 6DOF.

Have you ever wanted to truly feel like you were surviving in a zombie apocalypse? Do you long to huddle in a dirty basement by torchlight while something makes horrible noises and bangs on the door above? This might be the mod for you. For more up to date information and discussion please join the 7D forums in the discord.

It has 6DOF tracking
It has motion controls
It has physical melee combat (or you can use triggers--you do you!)
It has in game settings menu (options->controls->VR)
It has first person vehicle controls (and child lock seat belts for the gyrocopter if desired)
It has the ability to customize your grip/hold on any item saved to your copy of the game
It has smooth turn, snap turn, roomscale turn
It has the ability to move in the direction of your headset or the direction of your controller
It has the ability to dance and watch your arms, legs, or shadow mirror your actions!!!
It has bugs you have never seen or ever thought possible in 7D2D!!!
It does NOT have 2 handed bows or real working scopes, or the ability to see your other friend in VR wave to you YET. (Other player movements added in 2.0!)
It does NOT have a ton of other features we still want to add!  Look for updates in the near future!

Supports play between flat screen players and VR. Client side only for mod install... no server alterations required (NO EAC though)
Flat screen players can install the mod to see the VR players arm movements as of 2.0 release!

Current supported version is 7 Days to Die A21.1 and A21.2

Installation and troubleshooting guide can be found here:

List of mods maintained by some of our WONDERFUL community as they test other mods in VR
Compatibility Spreadsheet

Mod is 100% free to use. Enjoy a great game in a whole new way.

If you would like to support us and help us develop the mod more, please consider donating!