7 Days To Die

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The mod offers a wide variety of Perk Masteries that you can unlock after allocating the default ones.
For example, after taking a point in Archery, the Bowman mastery unlocks!
New perk trees for every weapon in the game!

Permissions and credits

If you want to give a little something :D

Perk Mastery features:

  • a large "Mastery" perk tree added alongside the default one
  • leveling regular skills and attributes unlocks various Masteries for further investing into a specific skill
  • the default skill "Cardio" is slightly buffed and the description of it changed

Recommended to use alongside the "Better Quest Rewards" mod - this is basically what made me make this mod in the first place and it will give you the additional points to spend in this mod.

How do I unlock specific Masteries?

It's simple! Every Mastery has a requirement.

All "Jack of all trades" perks have an attribute requirement of 5.
For example, if you wanted to unlock the "Criminal" mastery you would first need to increase your perception to 5.

The Masteries that are in "Melee Masteries" or "Ranged Masteries" on the other hand require specific perks in order to unlock them.
For example, after taking a point in Archery, the Bowman mastery unlocks! 
After taking a point in Boomstick the Shotgun mastery unlocks.

What do Masteries do?

They further amplify your playstyle of choice by either giving damage, attack speed, movement speed, larger magazines, extra arrows, etc. to that specific weapon or ability.
Every Mastery requires 10 points to master so choose wisely!

Is it balanced?

Yes, I've been mauling over the numbers for weeks. It's less impactful than the other perk mods out there but very rewarding if you manage to master a skill.
I think the Masteries should be at a really good spot. Of course if something will be too weak or too broken, I'll do my best to fix it.

Do I need any other mods to run this one?


SMX Compatible?


Just make sure to download all of this:
Perk Mastery

SMX is maintained by Sirillion the gigachad.
Link to his mod.

Manual installation

1) Go to the files section
2) Select the "manual download" and let the file download
3) Open the file with 7zip (or winrar)
4) Select "extract" and select the destination to your 7 days to die mods folder
5) If the "Mods" folder doesn't exist just create a new one inside the "7 days to die" folder
6) If you want the SMX compatible version, make sure you have SMXcore + SMXui installed as well
7) Play the game :D

The path should look something like this: "D:\My games\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods"
Yours might look different depending on where you have your 7dtd installed.

Ultra-Mega-Giga thanks to Sirillion for tips and tricks about compatibility and creating such a modular approach to his SMX mod.
And special thanks to Dahaka for making the nifty-lil icons for the mod and with the help of flavor descriptions.