Meld Mechanics Reworked by wghost81 aka Wasteland Ghost
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Added: 25/11/2013 - 05:56PM
Updated: 11/03/2014 - 07:35AM

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Last updated at 7:35, 11 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 17:56, 25 Nov 2013

Updated for EW patch 3 version.

I don't like meld canisters and play with the main version myself, but I test all the mods I upload at least in one full mission. Still, in the long run there might be some problems (as it was with meld arrows first version). If you find out something is not working, please, post your bugreport here, so I could fix it!

Use PatcherGUI to install.

02/28/2014 — updated for patch 2
02/08/2013 — New modlets: "Disable Meld Countdown", "Meld Countdown When Seen" and "Adjust Meld Counter"
12/18/2013 — Uploaded new "Meld Arrows Always Visible" version. Should work now.
12/18/2013 — removed "Meld Arrows Always Visible" as it was in fact not working.
12/03/2013 — updated for patch 1.

Collection of Meld-related mods.

Since people are asking, I turned this mod into collection of smaller mods, to allow more flexible approach.

There are several versions of the mod:
Main version:
- "Meld Mechanics Reworked". It turns off Meld canisters completely and allows to collect Meld from alien corpses and artifacts instead. This version is a complete mod and can't be used with any of the optional alternatives, since they are mutually exclusive.
Optional versions (compatible with Meld tutorial, incompatible with main version):
- "Collect Meld from Alien Corpses" — allows to collect Meld from alien corpses in addition to canisters. Compatible with other optional mods.
- "No Meld on Abduction missions" — turns off Meld canisters on Abduction missions, leaving them on UFO missions only. Compatible with other optional mods.
- "Meld Arrows Always Visible" — makes Meld arrows and counters visible from the mission start. Compatible with other optional mods (except "Meld Countdown When Seen").
Auto-destruct timer adjustments:
- "Meld Countdown When Seen" — meld canister timer begins countdown only after it's been seen by XCOM soldier. Compatible with other optional mods (except "Meld Arrows Always Visible").
- "Disable Meld Countdown" — disables meld canisters auto-destruct timer. Compatible with other optional mods (except "Meld Countdown When Seen" and "Adjust Meld Counter").
- "Adjust Meld Counter" — adjust meld counter to increase default value. Compatible with other optional mods (except "Disable Meld Countdown"). If you decide to install "Disable Meld Countdown" later, you must uninstall this mod first!

If you want to change Meld amount per canister, you should edit XCOMGameData.ini file. For more info see this post: http://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/1210765-enemy-within-discovery-thread/?p=10111112

R&D discussion on modding Meld: http://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/1231769-modding-meld/