• 12 June 2010

    Reminder About Sites/Mods Which Contain Illegal Rips/Conversions/Translations

    posted by Vagrant0
    I'm not going to say which sites are not allowed since that would defeat the purpose, however recently there have been a number of mod uploads/links to a certain site which contains ripped/converted/translated content for DA. Any mentioning, linking, referencing to this site and others like it will result in a ban. Before uploading mods, linking mods, or mentioning mods, you should make an attempt to ensure that the site is reputable and does not contain any illegal content.

    This policy will remain in effect on a site by site basis until that site has removed ALL illegal mods from ALL sections of the site. This is not negotiable. This policy exists because this community respects the rights of creators, both modder and publisher, and will protect them as we see fit.

    Failure to follow this rule, one which has been present on this site since its inception, will result in a ban even if you were not aware of being in violation. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that the mods you upload and mention are legal and appropriate for this family of sites.