• Resilient Dragons for Skyrim

    This mod makes Dragons much more resilient, allowing for longer; more epic battles. Ever sigh at the sight of a single giant decimating a dragon? Then this mod is for you!

    This mod is intended to give the Dragonborn a job. This is done by making NPCs deal less damage to all Dragons, as well as increasing the dragon core health.

    uploaded 20:53, 20 Feb 2012 9,093 304 8kb Kenomica

  • Upside Down Smithing for Skyrim

    With this mod, you are able to set a skillpoint on 'Daedric Smithing' after you learned to craft the 'Dragon Armor'. Now you can set a skillpoint on 'Ebony Smithing' after you get the 'Daedric Smithing' perk, too. Useful for light armor characters. Read the description to find out why.

    uploaded 20:44, 20 Feb 2012 2,211 35 1kb FancyZocker1990

  • Everything Mudcrab for Skyrim

    The name says it all. This mod turns every living thing into mudcrabs. It's like Planet of the apes, but with mudcrabs!

    Have you ever wondered how it would be if you were a mudcrab? This mod holds the answer!

    uploaded 20:33, 20 Feb 2012 419 7 271kb mosse93

  • Nozeem for Skyrim

    Gets rid of Nazeem

    uploaded 20:33, 20 Feb 2012 57 2 2kb crazykiller19

  • Whiterun Depot for Skyrim

    Adds a convenient building outside of the city of Whiterun that includes many chests for a player to store his or her supplies in an organized manner. It also includes some items for the most suitable comfort as well as a map marker to fast travel to.

    uploaded 20:32, 20 Feb 2012 1,017 13 70kb Guitarshredder12

  • Player Created Map Marker -WIP for Skyrim

    Adds a spell to the game that allows you to set a custom map marker at your current position as long as you're outside. The marker is also enabled for fast travel and can be tracked with a quest.

    uploaded 20:30, 20 Feb 2012 2,411 61 3kb kjodrisc

  • Powered Magicka for Skyrim

    Makes magic more powerful

    uploaded 20:25, 20 Feb 2012 783 6 1kb fippmeister

  • Die weaklings for Skyrim

    This isn't what you think it is...

    uploaded 20:10, 20 Feb 2012 355 3 1kb FanarnarBoi

  • Better Horses for Skyrim

    Better Horses is an overhaul plugin for the horses of Skyrim, inclusive of features such as
    saddle storage, whistle commands and trampling as well as many configurable stat tweaks.

    Better horses aims to make Skyrim's horses how they always should have been, useful, while
    leaving as many changes as possible down to the individual player's p

    uploaded 19:53, 20 Feb 2012 173,483 2,490 1,053kb LtMattmoo

  • Portable OnDemand Disposable Unlimited Mannequins SPODUM for Skyrim

    Works with ALL BODY REPLACER MODS. There are SIXTY SEVEN different types of Mannequins available. POSE them, MOVE them, RESIZE, DELETE, even ANIMATE them! CHANGE RACES/GENDER! Even display DRAWN WEAPONS!

    uploaded 19:44, 20 Feb 2012 21,075 621 2,593kb SLuckyD

  • Power Tomes - Nightvision for Skyrim

    Nightvision is a blur-free and colored variant of the Night Eye lesser power designed to be used with a realistic lighting mod. It is especially designed to make even the darkest parts of a dungeon or the night clearly visible.

    uploaded 19:20, 20 Feb 2012 4,126 112 1,397kb SableDrake

  • Camping Kit of the Northern Ranger for Skyrim

    At last, a portable campsite that you can construct yourself! Position each item exactly where you want, and dig in for the night.

    uploaded 19:19, 20 Feb 2012 131,193 3,972 3,042kb tek_7