• Battlemage Follower for Skyrim

    Battlemage Follower by ProSwiift

    uploaded 22:30, 22 Feb 2013 237 7 942kb ProSwiift

  • Assassins Crossbow for Skyrim

    *Requires Dawnguard*
    Craft and Enchant the Assassin's Crossbow - or find one!

    This is a standalone xbow. It has its own stronger colour coded bolts:
    Ice, Fire, Shock, Regular, Paralysis, Sub-Zero and now Sappin Souls

    uploaded 22:15, 22 Feb 2013 11,225 542 15,186kb Gr3yFoX

  • Shockys Sorcerers Set for Skyrim

    This mod adds a whole new set of clothes for mages or anyone that dont want to use armor for one reason or another. Chest piece will use same enchants as college robes of destruction, alteration etc. Gloves, hat and boots uses enchant typically found on armor pieces.

    uploaded 21:25, 22 Feb 2013 394 19 29kb Dragon89

  • Magic Matera for Skyrim

    The Magic matera, one of the three breeds that consist in the Materian society. They are the magic adept. The thunder that roars in their ranks. Skillful at the art of magical warfare. Meet the Magic Matera.

    "The dead deserve to stay that way. Burning and screaming for life"
    - leader of the OoM (Order of Magic)

    uploaded 21:23, 22 Feb 2013 21,883 614 6kb Charismoon

  • Dovakiins Safehouse for Skyrim

    A nice little hideout to relax in.

    uploaded 20:28, 22 Feb 2013 258 15 12kb oOVenomOo

  • True Dragon Born for Skyrim

    As a Dragon Born you are born with the power to absorb a Dragon's Soul. With that soul comes power that only a Dragon Born can hold. Now as you travel through Skyrim absorbing Dragon Souls will increase your power. However spending them will relinquish you of your gained powers. You must now decide more wisely when to keep your collected souls and

    uploaded 19:52, 22 Feb 2013 9,944 524 37kb GIndustries

  • Dexters Masks for Skyrim

    Couple of craftable masks, based on dragonpriests masks.

    uploaded 19:30, 22 Feb 2013 446 15 1,332kb JahDexter

  • Light Dragonplate Armor for Skyrim

    A quick little mod that adds a light version of the Dragonplate Armor to any forge. Same stats as Dragonscale. Can be crafted and improved. DOES NOT CHANGE THE LOOK OF THE DRAGONPLATE ARMOR.

    uploaded 19:16, 22 Feb 2013 506 31 2kb ZPfor3

  • Serpentine Dragon HD Retexture - Dragonborn for Skyrim

    It's a retexture for serpentine dragon of Dragonborn DLC in HD (2048x4096) and a 1024x2048 version.

    2048x4096 colors:
    Phantom and Crystan (these have transparency)
    Violet and blue, Blue, Sky-blue, Ultramarine, Green, Dark Green, Shiny Green, Yellow, Red, Shiny Black.

    1024x2048 colors:
    Green, dark green, Ultra Dark green, Red with black, S

    uploaded 19:11, 22 Feb 2013 3,514 168 12,008kb Diostrocole

  • Severin Fix for Skyrim

    A Small adjustment to the Lighting in the Main Severn manor Bedroom.
    Also adds a chest for materials beside the forge.

    uploaded 18:17, 22 Feb 2013 453 29 1kb osterbelic

  • Markath and Riften with snow textures - mainly for the CoT Winter Edition for Skyrim

    Gives the textures of Markath and Riften a snowy look.
    Mainly for CoTs Winter Edition, since it unfortunatelly didn't covenvert the 4 big cities.

    uploaded 17:36, 22 Feb 2013 1,841 100 1kb Mahlzeit88

  • Tel Mithryn BedBugFix for Skyrim

    Neloth promised you a bed and chest, yet you get neither. Adds a player-owned bed, chest and more to a room in Tel Mithryn

    uploaded 17:32, 22 Feb 2013 1,029 101 18kb Ichikai