• Unrelenting Force - Ultra Power Mod for Skyrim

    Makes Unrelenting Force (Fus Ro Dah) much more powerful, and will send enemies flying.

    uploaded 5:26, 29 Feb 2012 5,248 139 0kb Adonnus

  • Hadjarr - A RolePlay Start for Skyrim

    Hadjarr is a young imperial, perfect for setting out on adventure.

    uploaded 4:37, 29 Feb 2012 190 0 1,341kb herobringer

  • iLuv DOF The Photographer ENB for Skyrim

    Intrigued by Matso's and PMind's Depth Of Field work, I have implemented the DOF files into my iLuv ENB settings. It's my personal taste of how Skyrim should look and feel, the difference between this mod and iLuv ENB is that this mods enbseries.ini was tweaked to be balanced with the Depth Of Field option. Also the PAUSE BREAK feature is now av

    uploaded 4:12, 29 Feb 2012 1,995 17 302kb pancaker88

  • The Blades Mansion for Skyrim

    The Blades Mansion

    Contribute to this mod. It's a community mod, and I need lots of Suggestions, so post yours! :D Adds a huge Mansion near Whiterun Hold. Planned to have up of a maximum of 5 floors but you will be able to keep a lower amount of floors to keep Performance.

    uploaded 3:58, 29 Feb 2012 2,956 25 108kb SgtFlexxx

  • Luba SkyWings for Skyrim

    Luba SkyWings Armor, will not replace parts (use his own slot) set v1.2.5
    Fairy Fairies Pixie

    uploaded 3:27, 29 Feb 2012 21,458 614 29,083kb galy3

  • Sols Secret Stash for Skyrim

    "Sol's Secret Stash" a novice conjuration spell that opens up a dimension rift allowing you to access your treasure chest from vast distances. A spell tome container this spell can be found in the Embershard Mine next to the tome of Clairvoyance.

    uploaded 2:53, 29 Feb 2012 542 18 2kb WhatIsFO3

  • Sols Automated Home for Skyrim

    Automates Winterrun Breezehome by adding an enchantement table, some additional storage boxes, and crafting abilities. The boxes allow for automatic storage of potions, scrolls, crafting supplies, alchemy ingredients, and books. Linked to purchased decorations.

    uploaded 2:48, 29 Feb 2012 412 5 12kb WhatIsFO3

  • Modders Resource-Weapon Racks-Bookshelves-Plaques-Mannequins for Skyrim

    Adds weapon racks, plaques, mannequins, and bookshelves into a single cell for easy extraction.

    uploaded 2:47, 29 Feb 2012 5,183 423 4kb eldiabs

  • Humans Drop Human Parts for Skyrim

    This mod allows you to harvest one Human Heart, one sample of Human Flesh, one Skull, and one sample of Bone Meal from any human killed, because they weren't as accessable as they should have been.

    uploaded 2:37, 29 Feb 2012 15,820 587 873kb Rokenian

  • Winterhold Restoration for Skyrim

    A project aiming to mak a complete restoration of winterhold with more houses, Npcs, and hopefully more quests.

    uploaded 2:11, 29 Feb 2012 10,723 371 180kb poptart11

  • Colovian Traders for Skyrim

    Adds a shop near Morthal with a new NPC, Gunder! Gunder's Grandfather Gunder is from the Oblivion Crisis Era in Cyrodiil. This mod extends his liniage as his great grandson has opened up shop in Skyrim.

    uploaded 1:49, 29 Feb 2012 2,419 84 101kb yourenotsupposedtobeinhere

  • Enchantment Balance Overhaul for Skyrim

    Looking for an enchantment mod that adds flexibility but doesnt make your characters broken? A way to scale spells without simply being handed it for free? This mod is a revamp of the overlooked parts of enchanting to add flexibility and a sense of balance to magic that Skyrim was originally lacking.

    uploaded 0:45, 29 Feb 2012 13,989 367 13kb Aertyr