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- Fixed sunken house
- Fixed grey faced NPCs
- Added more clutter and other structures
- I currently have two interior houses done
- A surprise you could find behind one of the houses
- I will be updating more soon!


A mod that turns Whiterun into a real trading city. For a city that is suppose to be the trading hub of Skyrim, it's pretty small. This mod changes that. You cannot enter the new buildings they are their for the atmosphere. Not everyone can afford a large house, so many people live in the shacks that are piled on top of each other. It also contains new NPCs that fill up the city.


Repopulated Skyrim
Whiterun Outskirts Market


Couple things I would like to clear up:
-This does not conflict with the civil war quest line, I placed the houses around the catapults.
-I have decided to add interiors to give the new NPC's places to live ect. and I am working on that now.
-I am also working on adding new NPC's and some stalls and shops around, as well as adding ambient sounds.
-Gonna add more stuff the the Wind district, but not only shacks.
-Fixing navmesh
-I am also working on other cities. I am almost done with Morthal. I added more things but did not take away the general feeling of an old spooky town. I am also almost done with Solitude, and starting Riften.
-All this should be done in the next 2 weeks.
-And thanks to everyone who downloaded and endorsed!


Real Cities-Solitude