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Eternal lies a broken soul; what magic failed, cold steel will console. Explore a new small to medium sized dungeon; uses leveled opponents and loot; has its own stand-alone story.

Permissions and credits

When one of Winterhold's most talented mages is ridiculed for his theory about combining two different schools of magic, he decides to pursue his research in private. Taking his closest students with him, he disappeared into the mountains. Occasionally some of his students were seen buying various odd items or artifacts. But after acquiring two Dwemer lexicons, no more was heard of them. That was hundreds of years ago, time has forgotten Professor Orror and his theories...but that doesn't mean he has stopped researching them.


The House of Orror is a small to medium sized dungeon with its own backstory and quest. Leveled oppenents and loot have been used throughout most of the dungeon, so it should scale relatively well for most characters. Although very high level characters may find it a bit on the easy side.

The level has been completely navmeshed and is a follower-friendly.


The lighting inside the dungeon has been hand tuned to be much darker than normal when using the vanilla games settings. It was meant to be played with a torch in hand, or with light spells. Magelight can be particularly fun in some areas.

If you are using a lighting mod that provides darker dungeons, you may find it nearly black inside. If this is the case, or if you just don't like dark dungeons, an optional version is available with a brighter lighting scheme. Download the one you prefer; both versions are stand-alone, you only need to download and install the one you want.


Choose the version you would like -- dark interior or brighter interior -- and download with NMM and install.

To install manually, download the archive and place the .esp and .bsa files in your Skyrim\Data directory, copy the contents of Data\Sound into your Skyrim\Data\Sound directory, and copy the contents of Data\textures\actors\character into your Skyrim\Data\textures\actors\character directory.


Deactivate and delete using NMM, or to delete by hand...


Data\Sound\Voice\00_TCK_HouseOfOrror.esp -- delete the entire directory and everything under it.
Data\textures\actors\character\FaceGenData\FaceTint\00_TCK_HouseOfOrror.esp -- delete the entire directory and everything under it.

How To Start

A book titled Curious Mages of The Third Era has been added to Farengar's desk in Dragonsreach. Reading the book will update your map with the location of the entrance and provide some initial back story.

Alternately you can find the entrance through exploration. It is located in the mountains south of Falkreath; you will have to go a bit off road to find it. It will appear in the compass as a Dwemer ruin.

Finally, if you just want to get there, coc 00_TCK_HouseOfOrrorEx01 from the console will put you at the exterior entrance.


The mod adds a book to Farengar's desk in Dragonsreach, any mod which significantly affects Dragonsreach or that would block this placement may not be compatible.

Several exterior cells in the mountains south of Falkreath and near Angi's Camp have been altered and slightly re-navmeshed. Any mod which also affects this area may not be compatible.

Otherwise I know of no incompatibilities. If anyone finds any, let me know.

Change History

Version 1.3:
  • Some people were still seeing the face tint issue with the zombies (green bodies and normal faces). I added an optional file with the face tints in the .bsa file instead of being included as loose files. I'm hoping that may help solve the problem for some.

Version 1.2:
  • There was a bug that could cause you to get trapped in the last room. Added a button to reopen the passage. But you still need to beat the boss first.

Version 1.1:
  • Fixed Face Tint problem for zombies

Version 1.0:
  • Original release

Thanks and Credit

Thanks go to:

My friend Kate, who performed the voice acting for Katla.

The writers and creators of the wikis and YouTube videos I learned from while putting this together.

Bethseda for another cool game.

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Comments, both positive and negative, are welcome. I'd like to know what people liked and didn't like. Any feedback will help me make my next project better.