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Welcome to the awakening of magic in Skyrim. 

Phenderix Magic World is one of the largest mods available for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The new features added by this mod will completely enhance your experience and unleash hundreds of new roleplaying options.

New Content Added by Phenderix Magic World:

The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
The Forbidden Dimension

400 New Spells
New Elemental Archetypes
New Types of Spells
New Summons

70+ New Arrows & Bolts
New Legendary Enchanted Weapons
New Enchanted Artifacts
Scalable Unarmed Elemental Fighting

New Boss Encounters
New Custom Followers
New Loading Screens
and much more!


This mod is a work in progress and will receive MANY updates. I will not be releasing many new mods but will rather be releasing all new content under this mod as it is a DLC related to all things magic. Initial content focuses on adding spells, ammo, weapons, locations, and boss fights. Future updates will flesh out locations with more quests, add voiced followers, add new spells, and implement many new ideas that I have for how to make Skyrim even better.

I strongly encourage you to download this mod and check it out. At the very least, please track this page so you are notified of future updates.

Use the Nexus Mod Manager for Skyrim SE to download this mod. Make sure to enable the mod after download!

To install this mod download the zip file and extract its contents. Copy and paste them into your Skyrim/Data directory. If you are asked to overwrite anything select the option “yes to all”. Use the Nexus Mod Manager or Skyrim SE in-game tool to enable this mod's esp file.

You will be given a quest directing you to the new locations after installing this mod.

Content added by this mod can be bought from new NPCS, found in new locations, or obtained from new quests.
Information on how to obtain specific items can be found in the sections below.

This mod adds many new locations to the game. This guide will divide the new locations up into three new "main areas". In each area, you will find an assortment of content added by Phenderix Magic World.

THE SCHOOL OF WITCHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY - a new magical university to explore! 
Short Description: A university that has many professors and students.
Location: Quest guided (Near Markarth)
Minor Locations
Main Campus - school interior containing many classrooms, professors, and students
Arcane Mountain - a mountain with a surprising amount of mystery
Student Athletic Grounds - an area for students to relax from studying
Student Residences - each of the four houses has a tower where students reside

MANANTIS - a new magical town to explore!
Short Description: Manantis is a small town set in a new world space that offers adventurers a breath of fresh air.
Location: Quest guided (New World Zone)
Minor Locations
Manantis Docks - shipping district and entry point to Manantis
Azkalin Prison - new dungeon containing frightly creatures
Alakei Woods - peaceful area where the legendary blacksmith Rhunon resides
Manantis Portal Outpost - serves to assist travelers who wish to embark from Skyrim to Manantis
The Commodore - a ship that has quite the interior
Lair of the Deathbringer - new boss encounter
Lair of the Prime Evil - new boss encounter
Boss Encounter Tips
Shruicann - try not to stand in his breath attack, it does an immense amount of damage
Galbatrick - dodge projectiles, bring a follower to distract him
The Prime Evil - be very lucky

THE FORBIDDEN DIMENSION - a new magical realm to explore!
Short Description: The forbidden dimension is a boss encounter zone providing a high degree of challenge to all who enter.
Location: Quest guided (New World Zone)
Minor Locations
Portal to The Forbidden Dimension - a portal providing passage  from Skyrim to The Forbidden Dimension
The Safe Zone - an area with many guards to provide preparation for the challenges to come
The Fire Zone - new boss encounter
The Water Zone - new boss encounter
The Earth Zone - new boss encounter
The Wind Zone - new boss encounter
The Lightning Zone - new boss encounter
Boss Encounter Tips

The Lord of Shadows - must avoid getting hit by knock-back lightning to stand even a chance of survival
Embris - stay out of fire to avoid taking damage
Hydrasplit - must use powers/shouts to battle underwater
Surge - companions/followers serve as good distractions
Windfleur - ignore summoned creatures and instead focus on the caster, dodge wind blasts
Colossus - keep away from his mighty blows at all cost

This mod adds approximately 400 spells to the game. Most of these spells were imported from my mod Phenderix Magic Evolved. This is not just a simple import, however, as I have done a complete overhaul of the spells.

Changes from Phenderix Magic Evolved - Version 1.50:
  • Complete overhaul of damage and costs associated with spells. (Now done via formula and much more balanced)
  • Some spells have longer cast charge times.
  • Most offensive spells scale with perks and items that affect magic damage.
  • Significant improvements in spell descriptions.
  • Spirit summons consume magicka only.
  • Host spells now require two hands to cast.
  • Most spells can now be properly dual cast.
  • Added "Manipulate - Unlearn Spell", apprentice level, should be able to buy at start of game
  • Added "Summon - Dispel" (PC and XB1 users can still interact with summons to dismiss them)
  • Added "Fire - Concussive Strike", "Frost - Concussive Strike", "Lightning - Concussive Strike", "Magnetism - Coin"
  • Added "Frost - Walk". Allows for walking over water, ascending vertically, stopping free fall, and going literally anywhere you want.
  • Added and overhauled a few other spells!

These spells can be obtained from vendors in The Skyrim School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, vendors in Manantis, and from vendors across Skyrim.
As you level up your magic skills you will find that vendors offer more spell tomes to choose from.
In addition, some spell tomes are acquired after defeating bosses added by this mod.

If you would like to cheat to obtain most of the spells, then steal them from a cheat chest that is found in Whiterun's Dragonsreach near Farengar.
You will still have to earn the spell tomes dropped by bosses. (or use the console's help function)

Many of the offensive spells added by this mod scale with enchantments and perks that affect the vanilla fire, frost, and shock magic types.
This allows for you to use your favorite spells throughout the game to varying degrees of effectiveness.

Please find below a list of spells added by this mod:

THE MANIPULATE ARCHETYPE - spells that add new features to the game  - ALTERATION
Manipulate - Unlearn Spell (apprentice)
Manipulate - Replicator (NPC) (master)
Manipulate - Unlock (expert)
Manipulate - Lock (expert)
Manipulate - Grow (Self) (adept)
Manipulate - Shrink (Self) (adept)
Manipulate - Grow (Target) (adept)
Manipulate - Shrink (Target) (adept)
Manipulate - Reset Scale (Self) (adept)
Manipulate - Reset Scale (Target) (adept)

THE FIRE ARCHETYPE - fire magic that damages a target's health - DESTRUCTION - (FIRE SCALING)
Fire - Telekinetic (apprentice)
Fire - Touch (apprentice)
Fire - Shot (adept)
Fire - Volley (adept)
Fire - Barrage (expert)
Fire - Blast (expert)
Fire - Destroyer (master)
Fire - Slasher (expert)
Fire - Slasher (Greater) (master)
Fire - Blazebolt (master)
Fire - Blaze of Wrath (master)
Fire - Demonic Energy (master)
Fire - Concussive Strike (master)

THE FROST ARCHETYPE - frost magic that damages a target's health and slows them - DESTRUCTION -(FROST SCALING)
Frost - Telekinetic (apprentice)
Frost - Touch (apprentice)
Frost - Shot (adept)
Frost - Volley (adept)
Frost - Barrage (expert)
Frost - Entombment (expert)
Frost - Blast (expert)
Frost - Destroyer (master)
Frost - Concussive Strike (master)

THE LIGHTNING ARCHETYPE - shock magic that damages a target's health and magicka - DESTRUCTION (LIGHTNING SCALING)
Lightning - Telekinetic (apprentice)
Lightning - Touch (apprentice)
Lightning - Shot (adept)
Lightning - Volley (adept)
Lightning - Barrage (expert)
Lightning - Strike (expert)
Lightning - Strike Ranged (master)
Lightning - Blast (expert)
Lightning - Destroyer (master)
Lightning - Impact (master)
Lightning - Concussive Strike (master)

THE POISON ARCHETYPE - poison magic that damages a target's health over a period of time - DESTRUCTION - (LIGHTNING SCALING)
Poison - Telekinetic (apprentice)
Poison - Touch (apprentice)
Poison - Volley (adept)
Poison - Barrage (expert)
Poison - Blast (expert)
Poison - Destroyer (master)

THE EARTH ARCHETYPE - earth magic that damages a target's health and stamina - DESTRUCTION - (FROST SCALING)
Earth - Telekinetic (apprentice)
Earth - Touch (apprentice)
Earth - Volley (adept)
Earth - Boulder (adept)
Earth - Boulder (Greater) (expert)
Earth - Barrage (expert)
Earth - Blast (expert)
Earth - Bombardment (master)
Earth - Destroyer (master)

THE WATER ARCHETYPE - water magic that damages a target's health and resist shock - DESTRUCTION (FROST SCALING)
Water - Telekinetic (apprentice)
Water - Touch (apprentice)
Water - Volley (adept)
Water - Barrage (expert)
Water - Blast (expert)
Water - Destroyer (master)

THE DIVINE ARCHETYPE - divine magic that damages a target's health and heals the caster - RESTORATION -(FIRE SCALING)
Divine - Telekinetic (apprentice)
Divine - Touch (apprentice)
Divine - Volley (adept)
Divine - Barrage (expert)
Divine - Blast (expert)
Divine - Destroyer (master)
Divine - Cure Disease (expert)
Divine - Detect Life (master)
Divine - Devotion (expert)
Divine - Embrace (master)
Divine - Healing Blast (master)
Divine - Overshield (master)
Divine - Resistance Barrier (master)
Divine - Resistance Field (apprentice)
Divine - Resistance Field (Greater) (adept)
Divine - Resurrection (master)
Divine - Shield (adept)
Divine - Shining Light (adept)
Divine - Sunray (master)

THE BLOOD ARCHETYPE - blood magic that damages both the target and caster - DESTRUCTION (FIRE SCALING)
Blood - Telekinetic (apprentice)
Blood - Touch (apprentice)
Blood - Volley (adept)
Blood - Barrage (expert)
Blood - Blast (expert)
Blood - Destroyer (master)
Blood - Eradication (expert)

THE DARKNESS ARCHETYPE - darkness magic that damages a target's health and resist fire - ILLUSION (LIGHTNING SCALING)
Darkness - Telekinetic (apprentice)
Darkness - Touch (apprentice)
Darkness - Volley (adept)
Darkness - Barrage (expert)
Darkness - Blast (expert)
Darkness - Destroyer (master)
Darkness - Enervate (master)
Darkness - Grasp (expert)
Darkness - Black Fire (master)
Darkness - Illusionary Paralysis (master)
Darkness - Invisibility (expert)
Darkness - Invisibility (Greater) (master)
Darkness - Shadow Shroud (master)
Darkness - Shadow Shroud Ranged (master)
Darkness - Transmogrify (expert)

THE WIND ARCHETYPE - wind magic that costs little magicka and staggers or knockbacks a target - DESTRUCTION - (FROST SCALING)
Wind - Telekinetic (apprentice)
Wind - Touch (apprentice)
Wind - Volley (adept)
Wind - Barrage (expert)
Wind - Blast (expert)
Wind - Destroyer (master)
Wind - Force Strike (expert)
Wind - Force Strike (Greater) (master)
Wind - Force Omega Blast (master)

THE BOMB ARCHETYPE - bomb magic that allows for the creation of timed explosives - DESTRUCTION - (NO SCALING)
Bomb - Collect Clay (adept)
Bomb - Flying Bird (expert)
Bomb - Small Explosive (adept)
Bomb - Medium Explosive (expert)
Bomb - Large Explosive (master)

THE ELEMENTAL ARCHETYPE - magic that does fire, frost, and/or lightning damage - DESTRUCTION - (MIXED SCALING)
Elemental - Flamesparks (expert)
Elemental - Frostflame (expert)
Elemental - Frostsparks (expert)
Elemental - Onslaught (expert)
Elemental - Outburst (expert)
Elemental - Strike (master)

THE SUMMON ARCHETYPE - summon nearly every creature found in Skyrim and then some - CONJURATION
All summons added by this mod can be interacted with and be dismissed or have their stats viewed dynamically.
Summon - Ash Hopper (apprentice)
Summon - Ash Immolator (expert)
Summon - Bear (expert)
Summon - Bear (Cave) (expert)
Summon - Bear (Snow) (expert)
Summon - Bear (Alpha) (master)
Summon - Bear (Alpha/Cave) (master)
Summon - Bear (Alpha/Snow) (master)
Summon - Bristleback (adept)
Summon - Centurion (expert)
Summon - Centurion (Lord) (master)
Summon - Chaurus (apprentice)
Summon - Chaurus (Frozen) (apprentice)
Summon - Chaurus (Hunter) (adept)
Summon - Chicken (apprentice)
Summon - Cow (apprentice)
Summon - Cow (Painted) (apprentice)
Summon - Deathhound (Dire) (adept)
Summon - Deer (apprentice)
Summon - Deer (Glowing) (apprentice)
Summon - Dispel (apprentice)
Summon - Dog (apprentice)
Summon - Dragon (Ancient) (master)
Summon - Dragon (Fire) (master)
Summon - Dragon (Frost) (master)
Summon - Dragon (Lake) (master)
Summon - Dragon (Serpentine/Fire) (master)
Summon - Dragon (Serpentine/Frost) (master)
Summon - Dragon (Skeletal) (master)
Summon - Dragon Priest (master)
Summon - Draugr (Archer) (apprentice)
Summon - Draugr (Archer/Titan) (expert)
Summon - Draugr (Lord) (expert)
Summon - Draugr (Overlord) (master)
Summon - Draugr (Warrior) (apprentice)
Summon - Draugr (Warrior/Titan) (expert)
Summon - Dremora (adept)
Summon - Dwarven Sphere (expert)
Summon - Elk (apprentice)
Summon - Fox (Orange) (apprentice)
Summon - Fox (Snow) (apprentice)
Summon - Gargoyle Brute (master)
Summon - Ghost Maiden (apprentice)
Summon - Ghost Warrior (apprentice)
Summon - Giant (master)
Summon - Giant (Frost) (master)
Summon - Goat (apprentice)
Summon - Horker (apprentice)
Summon - Horse (apprentice)
Summon - Horse (Variant) (apprentice)
Summon - Husky (apprentice)
Summon - Lurker (master)
Summon - Mammoth (expert)
Summon - Mudcrab (apprentice)
Summon - Mudcrab (Giant) (adept)
Summon - Netch (master)
Summon - Prime Evil (master)
Summon - Rabbit (apprentice)
Summon - Reaper (master)
Summon - Riekling (Chief) (adept)
Summon - Riekling (Ranger) (apprentice)
Summon - Riekling (Warrior) (apprentice)
Summon - Sabre Cat (adept)
Summon - Sabre Cat (Snow) (adept)
Summon - Sabre Cat (Vale) (adept)
Summon - Skeever (Dire) (apprentice)
Summon - Skeever (Dire/White) (apprentice)
Summon - Skeleton (Archer) (apprentice)
Summon - Skeleton (Archer/Titan) (expert)
Summon - Skeleton (Mage/Fire) (adept)
Summon - Skeleton (Mage/Frost) (adept)
Summon - Skeleton (Mage/Shock) (adept)
Summon - Skeleton (Warrior) (apprentice)
Summon - Skeleton (Warrior/Titan) (expert)
Summon - Slaughterfish (apprentice)
Summon - Spider (Frostbite) (apprentice)
Summon - Spider (Jumping/Fire) (adept)
Summon - Spider (Jumping/Frost) (adept)
Summon - Spider (Jumping/Shock) (adept)
Summon - Spider (Queen) (master)
Summon - Spriggan (apprentice)
Summon - Spriggan (Burnt) (expert)
Summon - Spriggan (Matron) (expert)
Summon - Stag (White) (apprentice)
Summon - Troll (expert)
Summon - Troll (Armored/Frost) (expert)
Summon - Troll (Frost) (expert)
Summon - Vampire Lord (master)
Summon - Werebear (master)
summon - Werewolf (expert)
Summon - Wolf (apprentice)
Summon - Wolf (Ice) (apprentice)
Summon - Wolf (Red) (apprentice)
Summon - Wolf (Alpha) (expert)
Summon - Wolf (Alpha/Ice) (expert)
Summon - Wolf (Alpha/Red) (expert)

THE SPIRIT ARCHETYPE - summon spirit animals by using stamina and heatlh - CONJURATION
Spirit - Bear (adept)
Spirit - Dragon (master)
Spirit - Sabrecat (adept)
Spirit - Troll (expert)
Spirit - Wolf (adept)

THE HOST ARCHETYPE - summon three creatures at once - CONJURATION
Host - Atronach (master)
Host - Bear (master)
Host - Bear (Alpha) (master)
Host - Chaurus (master)
Host - Draugr (master)
Host - Draugr (Greater) (master)
Host - Dremora (Lord) (master)
Host - Familiar (master)
Host - Familiar (Flaming) (master)
Host - Farm Friends (master)
Host - Ghost Maiden (adept)
Host - Ghost Warrior (master)
Host - Mudcrab (master)
Host - Mudcrab (Giant) (master)
Host - Nature Friends (master)
Host - Riekling Minions (master)
Host - Skeletal Minions (master)
Host - Slaughterfish (master)
Host - Spider (Jumping) (master)
Host - Spriggan (adept)
Host - Werewolf (master)
Host - Wolf Pack (Alpha) (master)
Host - Wolf Pack (Alpha/Ice) (master)
Host - Wolf Pack (Alpha/Mixed) (master)
Host - Wolf Pack (Alpha/Red) (master)
Host - Wolf Pack (Mixed) (master)

THE TELEPORTATION ARCHETYPE - teleport to cities and targets - ALTERATION
Teleport - Whiterun (adept)
Teleport - Solitude (adept)
Teleport - Markarth (adept)
Teleport - Riften (adept)
Teleport - Windhelm (adept)
Teleport - Manantis (adept)
Teleport - Mark (adept)
Teleport - Recall (adept)
Teleport - Blink Strike (adept)
Teleport - Pull (adept)
Teleport - Vertical (adept)

THE ARROW ARCHETYPE - shoot arrows from the palm of your hands - CONJURATION - (FIRE SCALING)
Arrow - Ballista (expert)
Arrow - Ballista Repeater (master)
Arrow - Heroic (adept)
Arrow - Heroic Repeater (expert)
Arrow - Spectral (apprentice)
Arrow - Spectral Repeater (adept)

THE DRAIN ARCHETYPE - drain energy from targets - RESTORATION
Drain - Health (adept)
Drain - Health (Greater) (master)
Drain - Magicka (adept)
Drain - Magicka (Greater) (master)
Drain - Stamina (apprentice)
Drain - Stamina (Greater) (master)

THE ENCHANTMENT ARCHETYPE - enchant weapons with magical damage - ALTERATION
Enchantment - Elemental (expert)
Enchantment - Fire (adept)
Enchantment - Frost (adept)
Enchantment - Lightning (adept)

THE WEAKNESS ARCHETYPE - make targets weak to certain elements - DESTRUCTION
Weakness - Fire (adept)
Weakness - Frost (adept)
Weakness - Shock (adept)
Weakness - Elements (master)

THE POTENT ARCHETYPE - stronger vanilla continuous spells - DESTRUCTION - (MIXED SCALING)
Potent - Flames (adept)
Potent - Frostbite (adept)
Potent - Sparks (adept)

THE ENHANCE ARCHETYPE - move and fight faster - ALTERATION
Enhance - Speed (apprentice)
Enhance - Speed (Greater) (expert)
Enhance - Speed (Master) (master)
Enhance - Weapon Speed (expert)
Enhance - Weapon Speed (Greater) (master)
Enhance - Gate 1 (apprentice)
Enhance - Gate 2 (apprentice)
Enhance - Gate 3 (adept)
Enhance - Gate 4 (adept)
Enhance - Gate 5 (expert)
Enhance - Gate 6 (expert)
Enhance - Gate 7 (master)
Enhance - Gate 8 (master)

THE TIME ARCHETYPE - slow and accelerate time - ALTERATION
Time - Stutter (apprentice)
Time - Slow (adept)
Time - Slow (Greater) (master)
Time - Accelerate (adept)
Time - Future (expert)
Time - Dimensional Rift (expert)
Time - Analysis (expert)
Time - Analysis (Greater) (master)
Time - Master (master)

THE CLOAK ARCHETYPE - auras that damage nearby foes - DESTRUCTION - (MIXED SCALING)
Cloak - Fireshock (expert)
Cloak - Frostfire (expert)
Cloak - Frostshock (expert)
Cloak - Elemental (master)

THE CURSE ARCHETYPE - an assortment of offensive magic - DESTRUCTION
Curse - Commanding (master)
Curse - Cruciating (master)
Curse - Killing (master)

THE CHARM ARCHETYPE - an assortment of defensive magic - ILLUSION
Charm - Shielding (expert)
Charm - Silencing (adept)
Charm - Disarming (expert)

THE RESTORE ARCHETYPE - an assortment of defensive magic - RESTORATION
Restore - Health (Target) (apprentice)
Restore - Health Instant (Target) (apprentice)
Restore - Magicka (Target) (apprentice)
Restore - Magicka Instant (Target) (apprentice)
Restore - Stamina (Target) (apprentice)
Restore - Stamina Instant (Target) (apprentice)
Restore - Stamina (Self) (apprentice)
Restore - Stamina Instant (Self) (apprentice)

THE FORTIFY ARCHETYPE - temporarily fortify skills - ALTERATION
Fortify - Alchemy (adept)
Fortify - Alteration (adept)
Fortify - Archery (adept)
Fortify - Block (adept)
Fortify - Carry Weight  (adept)
Fortify - Conjuration (adept)
Fortify - Destruction (adept)
Fortify - Enchanting (adept)
Fortify - Heavy Armor (adept)
Fortify - Illusion (adept)
Fortify - Light Armor (adept)
Fortify - Lockpicking (adept)
Fortify - One Handed (adept)
Fortify - Restoration (adept)
Fortify - Smithing (adept)
Fortify - Sneak (adept)
Fortify - Speech (adept)
Fortify - Stamina (adept)
Fortify - Two Handed (adept)

THE RUNE ARCHETYPE - place runes to do a variety of effects - MIXED - (MIXED SCALING)
Rune - Calm (expert)
Rune - Calm Repeater (master)
Rune - Damage Magicka (adept)
Rune - Damage Magicka Repeater (expert)
Rune - Damage Stamina  (adept)
Rune - Damage Stamina Repeater (expert)
Rune - Deplenish (expert)
Rune - Elemental (adept)
Rune - Fear (expert)
Rune - Fear Repeater (master)
Rune - Fire Repeater (expert)
Rune - Frenzy (expert)
Rune - Frenzy Repeater (master)
Rune - Frost Repeater (expert)
Rune - Lightning Repeater (expert)
Rune - Paralysis (expert)
Rune - Paralysis Repeater (master)

THE BELOTH ARCHETYPE - an assortment of offensive magic - POWER
Beloth - Withdraw Energy (Acquired from looting a boss)
Beloth - Store Energy (Acquired from looting a boss)

THE MAGNETISM ARCHETYPE - take metal items and fling them at targets - ALTERATION - (LIGHTNING SCALING)
Magnetism - Coin (adept)

These weapons were imported from my Arcane Archery mod. This is not just a simple import, however, as I have added several new features.

Changes from Phenderix Arcane Archery - Version 1.10:
  • Added "Arrow - Replicate" / "Bolt - Replicate"
  • No longer give arrows to random NPCs. (Enhances compatibility with other mods - may release optional file in future)
  • Further balancing

This mod adds 13 new types of arrows/bolt to the game. These new ammo types can be equipped like standard vanilla ammo.
Each new ammo type has three variants of with increasing levels of damage. (Normal, Empowered, Legendary)

- causes a fiery explosion
Frost - causes an icy explosion, slows targets
Lightning - causes a shock explosion, damages Health and Magicka
Fear - causes targets to be struck with fear
Paralysis - causes targets to be paralyzed
Frenzy - causes targets to enter a state of frenzy
Earth - causes targets to be shaken on impact, damages Health and Stamina
Darkness - causes an explosion of darkness to damage targets and weaken their fire resistance
Poison - causes targets to be afflicted by a long-lasting poison
Water - causes an explosion of water to damage targets and weaken their shock/lightning resistance
Wind - causes stagger/knockback
Replicate - causes replication of a target
Divine - heals the player upon hitting a target NPC

Normal arrows/bolts - Firewood / Steel Ingot
Empowered arrows/bolts - 3x Normal arrows/bolts
Legendary arrows/bolts - 3x Empowered arrows/bolts
To craft these arrows/bolts, the Steel Smithing perk is required.

All new ammo types are sold by vendors in The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and by vendors in Manantis. They can also be crafted.
There is also a cheat chest in Farengar's room in Dragonsreach containing 20,000 of all arrows/bolts. (Another option - use the console's help function)

These weapons were imported from my Elemental Fighter mod. This is not just a simple import, however, as I have done a complete enhancement.

Changes from Phenderix Elemental Fighter - Version 1.10:
  • Script improvements to explosion location
  • Added "Hand - Divine"
  • Further balancing

This mod adds new unarmed elemental weapons that can be used by the player and NPCs.

Fire - causes fire damage
Frost - causes damage to health and stamina
Lightning - causes damage to health and magicka
Poison - causes damage over time
Paralysis - causes paralysis (does not scale in effect, can be absorbed)
Divine - causes damage and heals the wearer

These elements are equipped as normal weapons and the wearer will still appear to be unarmed.

Their base damage scales with One-Handed enchantments and perks.
Magical damage and visual effect scale as you level up One-Handed.
These weapons will level up One-Handed the more you use them.

First Level
 - 0 One-Handed
Second Level - 50 One-Handed
Third Level - 75 One-Handed
Fourth Level - 100 One-Handed

These weapons are sold by vendors in The Skyrim School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and by vendors in Manantis. 
There is also a cheat chest in Farengar's room in Dragonsreach containing all of these items. (Another option - use the console's help function)

This mod adds many followers to the game that can be found in a variety of locations.
If you think that a follower is not lore-friendly then simply chooose not to use it.

Shenari Tulla
Location: Manantis - "The Wandering Magician"

Legolai Eveldim
Location: The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - "Arcane Mountain"

Sirus Blackhawk
Location: Manantis - "Azkalin Prison"

Roran Hammerstrong
Location: Manantis - "Clank and Thunk"

Eragon Bronsen
Location: Manantis - "Heroes Keep"

Arya Islen
Location: Manantis - "Arya's House"

Murtagh Morzen
Location: Manantis - "Murtagh's House"

Ron Weslie
Location: The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Percy Weslie
Location: The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Ginny Weslie
Location: The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

George Weslie
Location: Manantis - "Murtagh's House"

Fred Weslie
Location: The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harold Potter
Location: The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Hermion Granier
Location: The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Luna Loven
Location: The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Katy Bella
Location: The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Nevil Longs
Location: The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Draco Malice
Location: The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Cedric Diggs
Location: The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


Magical Artifacts - rings and amulets that boosts stats
Location: Scattered throughout content added by this mod. 
(The One Ring) (The Archmage Ring) (The Dragonborn Amulet) (The Demigod Ring)

Excaliblade - a mythical sword set in stone that has been unmoved for centuries, causes the user to feel..."saiyan-like" ;)
Location: Near the entrance of Azkalin Prison (must be above level 50 to acquire)

Brisinblue - a magic sword that unleashes blue fire upon its target
Location: Dropped by a boss, can take from inventory

Naegrand - a magic greatsword that burns targets with golden fire
Location: Inside the Chamber of Sikrets

Tamerlina - a magic sword that blasts targets with green magical energy
Location: Owned by Colossus, can loot from corpse

Vandilight - a magic sword that consumes targets in white fire
Location: Owned by The Prime Evil, can loot from corpse

Volundix - a magic axe that electrifies targets
Location: Owned by The Lord of Shadows, can loot from corpse

Vrangra - a magic sword that shrouds targets in darkness
Location: Owned by Galbatrick, can loot from corpse

Zar'rook- a magic sword that scorches enemies with crimson fire
Location: Owned by Embris, can loot from corpse

The Necklace of Beloth - a magical necklace that allows for the transference of energy - ASSOCIATED SPELLS FOUND IN MAGIC GUIDE
Location: Owned by Galbatrick, can loot from corpse

In addition, there are new weapons from "Weapons of the Third Era" that you can purchase from the Manantis blacksmith.

A Magic Awakening - started upon loading the mod, guides the player to the three new main locations added by this mod

More to come in future updates!!

I hope to allow others to make updates to this mod. If you have an idea of how you would like to improve this mod or want to voice a character, please let me know! This can range from a few lines of dialogue to adding a whole new area to the mod. Instead of creating a small mod that won't get much exposure in terms of downloads and endorsements, include your work in this DLC and get full credit for it! I hope to turn this mod into a community effort if enough people are interested.

Both Manantis and The Forbidden Dimension are set in new world spaces which allow for unlimited space to add custom content.

Future updates will add new quests, followers, items, bosses, spells, enchantments, and themed content.
In addition, I still need to generate a custom LOD for the new worldspaces.

Please message me or leave a comment if you are interested! I look forward to working with you. :D


Bug Fix: Can now properly craft Divine arrows and bolts.
Bug Fix: Potentially fixed Shruicann flight issues.
Balance: Buffed the damage of several Divine spells.

Bug Fix: Multiple summons should work properly now.
Bug Fix: Summon Dragon descriptions updated.
Bug Fix: Removed some unused spell tomes.
Bug Fix: Hermione Granier wears a Red House outfit.
Bug Fix: Fixed Menoa Tree Ramp Position
Bug Fix: Azkalin Prison Hole
Bug Fix: Properly added "The One Ring" to "The Chest of the True Adventurer".
Bug Fix: Improved pathing in the "Lair of the Prime Evil".
Bug Fix: Players are now allowed to explore the interior of "The Commodore".
Improvement: "Professor Severius" now sells potions. Custom potions may come in future updates!
Improvement: The interior of "The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry" has been optimized and now provides much higher FPS.
Improvement: Altered many of the names of many NPCs at "The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry".
Improvement: "Arcane Mountain Dragon" LOD and appearance.
Balance: Giants in "The Magic Isle" have their level scale with the player's level.
Balance: Buffed "The Demented" Level and Health
Balance: Buffed "Lightning Encounter" boss.
Content: Added house elves to the kitchen in "The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry".
Content: Added Divine arrows and bolts.
Content: Added new island in Manantis - WIP (No interiors)

Bug Fix: Darkness archetype no longer gives destruction and illusion experience.
Bug Fix: Improper spell descriptions.
Bug Fix: Azkalin Prison Trapdoor.

Bug Fix: Riften Building Door Accessibility.

Improvement: Arcane mountain dragon appearance. 
Bug Fix: Floating Cliffs near School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Bug Fix: NPC gray faces.
  • Bug Fix: Enemy in middle of athletic fields.
  • Bug Fix: Ladder in Azkalin Prison.
  • Bug Fix: Barrage spells properly marked at Expert level.
    Phenderix Magic World released for Skyrim SE on PC and XB1.

    This mod is available for use on PC, XB1, and PS4. There are some differences in the versions released on these platforms.
    The differences on PS4 arise from Sony's decision to not allow external assets in mods for Skyrim Special Edition.

    Xbox One
    No differences.

    Removal of all spells that don't work without the scripts that are associated with them.
    • Bomb spell archetype
    • Teleport archetype
    • Manipulate archetype
    • "Divine - Healing Blast"
    Edit of some spells that used scripts
    • Blood spells - do not damage caster
    • Divine spells - do not heal caster
    • "Magnetism - Coin" - does not remove or add gold from player inventory
    Removal of startup quest that guides players to locations instead of just revealing them. 
    Removal of custom weapons, textures, and meshes from Weapons of the Third Era.
    Removal of custom textures used in the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
    Removal of "Arrow - Replicate".
    Removal of "Hand - Divine".
    Method in which Excaliblade is obtained is different. 
    Hand weapons do not have associated explosions on impact. (still have FX shaders - just not as cool looking)
    No dynamic dismissing of summons. Use "Summon - Dispel" to get rid of unneeded conjurations.

    I will do all that I can to release content on all three platforms.

    Q: Does this mod make any changes to vanilla leveled lists?

    A: This mod edits the leveled lists for spell tomes. If you have a mod that makes changes to this list, load it after (meaning below) this mod. You can still buy content added by this mod from vendors in Manantis. You just won't be able to buy them from vanilla vendors across Skyrim.

    Q: Is this mod simply a collection of your already released works?
    A: Phenderix Magic World does bundle all of my old mods into one package but all of the content added by those mods has been greatly improved and enhanced for this release. In addition, a large amount of new content was created specifically for Phenderix Magic World.

    Q: Should I continue using your other mods like Magic Evolved, Arcane Archery, or Elemental Fighter?
    A: No, you should uninstall and delete those mods. They won't be updated anymore. Please upgrade to Phenderix Magic World. This mod adds tons of new content that you should not miss out on.

    Q: Should I use other mods including content from "Weapons of the Third Era"?
    A: You can but you may end up having duplicate items with the same name in your inventory.

    Q: Is this mod compatible with Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim?
    A: Yes, they work well together and leave you with a plethora of spells to choose from. Load Apocalypse after this mod.

    Q: Is this mod lore friendly?
    A: Yes, it is lore really just depends on how you define it. Obviously, these new locations and spells don't exist in Tamriel lore. If you think a certain aspect of the mod is not lore friendly then simply don't use that portion.

    Q: Is this mod compatible with Ordinator?
    A: Yes, although further synergy may be added in the future. Load Ordinator after PME.
         Acquire the March of Oblivion perk for Host spells added by this mod to still function properly.

    Q: Is this mod compatible with "Insert Perk Mod Here"?
    A: This mod should be compatible with every perk mod. However, perks that change anything magic related may not affect spells added by this mod. If you would like increased compatibility or synergy with a perk mod, please leave a comment letting me know!

    phenderix - created all content not mentioned below.

    Skyrim Nexus User: 747823 - Weapons of the Third Era - meshes and textures used for several items contained within this mod. Awesome work!

    Skyrim Nexus User: Sjogga - created a large portion of the main hall interior for the Skyrim School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
    Skyrim Nexus User: Timmy19992 - assisted in creating part of the exterior for the Skyrim School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and creating texture files.
    Skyrim Nexus User: HellCommander711 - assisted in creating old version of navmeshes.

    The SkyEdit Team - You made a fantastic program! You allowed me to start making mods in 2011 before the official creation kit was even released!
    Bethesda Softworks - You created an amazing game that stands the test of time and made what I believe to be the best game of all-time.

    Phenderix Magic World is the mod I have always dreamed about making and I am excited that I could make it come to fruition. I truly hope you enjoy this mod and realize that mods like this are a massive undertaking. Please see the updates section if you want to help in the development of this mod.

    Please post comments regarding your experience using this mod and any suggestions you may have!

    Phew. This description page took forever to make.