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Makes the mod Magic World more lore-friendly.

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(works with version 4.1.0 of Phenderix Magic World)

Alternative versions and download locations:
Released for Skyrim SE on PC (BethesdaNexus)
Released for Skyrim SE on Xbox One (Bethesda)
Released for Skyrim on PC (Nexus)


Phenderix Magic World

This patch makes my mod Magic World lore friendly and removes all references to franchises outside of The Elder Scrolls.

To work properly you must install Magic World and this patch together. 
Put this patch after Magic World in your load order. If you don't do this, the mod will not work.

NPC Name Changes
NPCs and custom followers with names that were not lore-friendly have been changed using an Elder Scrolls name generator.
The generator I used can be found here.

Location Appearance Changes
Deletion of mock "Quidditch" columns in student athletic fields.

Location Name Changes
The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry => College of Mystical Arts
Requirement Room => The Arcane Space
Murtagh's House => Hewnon's House
Chamber of Sircets => Underwater Chamber
Azkalin Prison => Demented Prison
Arya's House => Fruki's House
The Forbidden Forest => Western Wildlands

Item Name Changes
The Sorting Hat => Determining Cap
Necklace of Beloth => Energy Necklace
Brisinblue => Brightsteel Blue Blade
Roran's Hammer => Impact Hammer
Tamerlina => Brightsteel Green Blade
Vandil => Brightsteel White Blade
Volund => Volixspark
Vrangr => Brightsteel Black Blade
Zar'rook => Brightsteel Crimson Blade
Naegrand => Brightsteel Yellow Blade
Excaliblade => Manantis Blade
Chamber of Sircets Key => Underwater Chamber Key
Requirement Room Key => Arcane Space Key
Spell Tome: Teleport - School => Spell Tome: Teleport - College of Mystical Arts

Quest Changes
The names of NPCs referenced in quest dialogue has been updated to be lore-friendly.
Requirement Room => The Arcane Space
The Chamber of Sircets => Underwater Chamber
The Sorting Hat => The Determining Cap

Spell Name Changes
Teleport - School => Teleport - College of Mystical Arts
Beloth - Store Energy => Energy Necklace - Store
Beloth - Withdraw Energy => Energy Necklace - Withdraw

Version 3.0.0 patch has been released! Now the mock quidditch field is also removed by this patch! Rejoice for more Lore Friendliness!!
This patch will be updated occasionally upon the release of new updates of Magic World that add content that's not lore friendly.
If you have any suggestions please let me know. Your input could make this mod even more lore-friendly.