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A small collection of patches for the wonderful Summerset Isle mod to:
- Change the weather to CoT compatible weather
- Allow horse riding (vanilla and Convenient Horses) on the Summerset Isles
- Add RND effects to new food and drink

Permissions and credits
No long preamble here. This mod page is simply a repository for a small collection of patches that I have made for the superb Summerset Isle mod.

Climates of Tamriel Weather Patch

This patch is for those that are also running Climates of Tamriel to mod their Skyrim weather. The patch changes the default weather in Summerset Isles to the following CoT weathers:

Clear - 45% chance
Slightly Cloudy - 40% chance
Overcast with Light Rain - 10% chance
Overcast with Heavy Rain and Thunder - 5% chance

Ambient Sounds Patch

Just a quick patch to add the vanilla pine forest sounds to Summerset and Artaeum. Feedback appreciated as always.

Horse Riding Patches

By default, you will not be able to summon Arvak (Dawnguard) or summon your Convenient Horses horse in any new worldspace added by a new lands mod. This is because, in both cases, you are already restricted to specific vanilla worldspaces to avoid horses being summoned to unsuitable areas. Acceptable worldspaces are stored in FormID lists.

The vanilla Dawnguard 'RidableWorldSpaces' FormID List contains the following allowable worldspaces:

- Skyrim
- Soul Cairn
- Blackreach
- Dayspring Canyon

The Convenient Horses 'CHRidableWorldList' FormID list contains the following allowable worldspaces:

- Skyrim
- Blackreach

The patches provided here add the following worldspaces (from the Summerset Isles mod) to both FormID lists:

- Summerset Isle
- Artaeum

Obviously, if you don't use Arvak or Convenient Horses then none of this is of any concern to you. ;) If you do however, download and use the appropriate patch.

Realistic Needs and Diseases Patch

This patch adds drinking and eating effects from Realistic Needs & Diseases to the new food and drink items that are added by the Summerset Isles mod. I won't list all of the newly added items here. If you use the mod, you'll already be familiar with them.

What I have added is a couple of alterations to the making of teas in the Summerset Isles mod.

By default, you need to make tea leaves first, using a wooden bowl and the appropriate ingredient. Then you make your tea with the tea leaves and a tea cup. When you drink your tea, the tea cup is lost.

What I have done is add RND's water to the tea making recipe, so that it requires water,tea leaves and a cup to craft. I have also added a new magic effect that returns the tea cup to your inventory on drinking the tea, which makes sense to me. This does require the addition of a tiny script, and I mean tiny. All it does is add a tea cup to your inventory and nothing more, and it only runs once when you drink the tea. This same mechanic is already used in RND for returning empty water bottles to your inventory. So, if your are familiar with that, you'll understand how simple and unobtrusive the process actually is.

I would like to find a way to add an empty wooden bowl back to your inventory when making tea, but that's a bit more tricky, since recipes can only produce one item. But I'll look into it...

Final Note

That's all for now. I may make a Heathfire patch(es) to make other food items from this mod craftable with HF ingredients (flour, butter, etc), depending on demand. But we'll see.

If you have any other ideas for patches, please let me know. However, do not ask for a patch to fix a bug in the Summerset Isles mod. All bugs should be reported to the mod author so that they are aware of them and can implement a proper fix.


Many thanks to yourenotsupposedtobeinhere for creating the amazing Summerset Isles mod. Download it!
mitchalek for creating the wonderful Convenient Horses mod.
perseid9 for creating a mod that I wouldn't play Skyrim without, Realistic Needs and Diseases
jjc71 for creating probably the best weather overhaul mod for Skyrim, Climates of Tamriel


You are complete free to do what you like with these patches. However, if you alter them in any way, you will be fully responsible for supporting that variation! 'Nuff said.