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~ Travel south, cross the border and see new places. ~

~The Border Gate ~

You want to know what's behind the border of Skyrim? Tired of hanging around in Riverwood and Whiterun? Then this might be the mod for you!

~ Huge chunk of landscaped Land behind the Skyrim Border ~
~ Four new Towns, fully functioning with NPC's ~
~ A House for the Player in Tel Eyrith, south of Solstheim ~
~ A Castle for the Player in Grondal, south of Riften ~
~ 4 Quests, 2 dungeons, a Draugr follower, a Wolf follower ~
~A fully voiced follower " Brother Marcus" ~
~ AS-LAL Extension to start a new life here! (by Jknjb) ~
~ 2 New Spellbooks and Much More ~

DLC Dragonborn is required to play this version. You also have to unlock the Skyrimborders.
This mod expands the territory of Skyrim a bit to the south!

NYHUS in  Cyrodiil 

Nyhus is located in Cyrodiil, south of the Rift, Skyrim. A town taken by mainly, hardened Nordic warriors under leadership of Folkvar. This town contains a few houses, an Inn with local beverage, a blacksmith, an apothecary and a shrine of Mara.
To go to Nyhus, travel from Riften to the border of Morrowind. There will be roadsigns behind the bridge. Just follow the signs and you will enter an abandoned gate which guards the border Skyrim / Cyrodiil. When you enter the gate, you'll discover dead bodies; one of these bodies contains a diary which informs you about Nyhus and it's environment.

~ Nyhus, just across the border in Cyrodiil. Claimed by Nordic warriors, loyal to Ulfric Stormcloak. Or are they just adventurers? ~

It is a dangerous environment. When you reach Nyhus, you'll be on a quest. You'll see the colonists struggling with an army of Thalmor Elves - they will attack you too. Where do they come from? Where are they hiding? The quest will lead you to the wastelands where you have to fight the undead.
Not only the Thalmor and even Ogres, located in an abandoned fort, but also a group of vampires under Mordor's leadership, is a real threat to Nyhus. These vampires claimed a small village, ruined the houses, digested the people living there and draining the lifeforce of trees around them. They noticed the adventurers in Nyhus and decided they will be their next victims.

In the weekends, Brother Marcus visits Nyhus, after working in the Temple of Mara in Riften. He can be your follower and is a kind of anti-hero. Worships Mara and does his best to do his duties, but is also an alcoholic and makes cynical jokes. He is a good fighter though.

~Brother Marcus, still in W.I.P. Found in Nyhus during the weekend and in the Temple of Mara in Riften during the weekdays ~


There are many locations around Nyhus. One of these is GRONDAL. This mountainlocked area is the most southern part of the Riften Hold, bordering Cyrodiil mountains. This area is still part of Skyrim, with a lower latitude and it feels/looks warmer. This place has a Talos Shrine with crazy Talos worshippers, rebuilding the small village of Grondal.

~Talos Safe Haven, a mountainlocked place for Talos worshippers, could be you. ~

Nearby the Talos Shrine, there is also an abandoned, haunted castle, which could be yours. The player will not get to know much about it's background, but it is clear that an important, rich family used to live here with ties with the Jarl of Riften. When you have found the key, you'll enter a dark, haunted castle. It has lightable fireplaces and braziers, so you can light up the place a bit and might be good enough for the player to stay here.

~A haunted castle. Could be yours. With lightable fireplaces and braziers....and ghosts. ~

~Like I said, a haunted castle ~


This mod doesn't only touch Cyrodiil, but Morrowind as well. Just behind the border of Cyrodiil, in Morrowind, there is a small Dunmer village located, called PRYAI VILLAGE. You can trade with these Dunmer and from there you can take the boat to Tel Mithryn (Solstheim) and claim your abandoned playerhouse on an island in a small Telvanni town, TEL EYRITH, an archipelago south of Tel Mithryn.


There is a Mara Shrine, an Ogre Fort, some wilds to explore and when you are tired of your Skyrim-life, you can decide to jump from Dive Rock, after you drank some Riften Blood (worth to try this out!).

Last but not least: you can travel from Tel Mithryn to Morrowind (the continent) by uploading this mod! All you have to do is use your rowboat from your playershouse on a Island south of Tel Mithryn.


This additional mod, made by Jknjb , which is also downloadable from this site, gives you the opportunity to start your character in one of these three locations!
Your character will spawn at the map marker in Nyhus (watch out for the Thalmor!), or the map marker in Pryai, depending on what you select. You will start with a basic suit of iron armor, a set of steel weapons, a woodcutter's axe and a pickaxe, a set of clothes, 10 lockpicks, 10 restore health potions and 500 gold.

To play this mod, you need the Alternate Start-Live Another Life from Arthmoor .
Alternate Start-Live Another Life


  • An abandoned gate with a diary about Nyhus.
  • Nyhus village with 2 quests, 1 new spellbook, NPC's, and a shrine
  • A Dunmer Pryai Village with guards, prison, harbour, shops and inn
  • An abandoned castle to live in, with a quest
  • New creatures (Black Spitter, Skeleton Guardion, Zombie Wolf) plus a Draugr follower.
  • A ship from Pryai Village to Tel Mithryn.Tel Mithryn has an harbour and shop.
  • A small town on an island south of Tel Mithryn, called Tel Eyrith, with a player's home with chest, your own rowboat (to Blacklight, Morrowind!).
  • Brewing your own beer: Riften Blood.
  • A Talos Shrine south of Riften Hold, NPC's, a small quest and new spellbook, plus a cave with player's chest, suitable for a Dragonborn who doesn't need too much luxery and a wolf as follower.
  • Another Talos Shrine with a friendly dragon with a One way ticket to Sovngarde
  • Dive Rock (Oblivion) with a fort and a pelgrim (looks not exactly the same as the one in Oblivion, but it is very high and I think this is a nice Rock to Dive from)
  • Dead Village with a few new creatures and it's dungeon
  • Border with Morrowind and the Wastelands, with bandits, zombiewolves, undead, traders and an old fort with dungeon.
  • tes5edited and navmeshed
  • Terrible voiceacting and stupid jokes.

~Pryai Village, Morrowind, not far from the Skyrim border ~

There could be some grammar mistakes; I am sorry. I am Dutch, not English.

Don't drink and dive & may Talos guide you;



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PS.: I want to thank:
- keithinhanoi for merging Talos safe Haven and Nyhus!
- jknjb for making the AS-LAL Extension! And of course this couldn't have happened without Arthmoor, who made the Alternate Start-Live, thank you for your permission!
- Astakos for learning me how to use the tes5edit in a right way, haha.
- Sophia-, Tomoko and Sebastiaan Leenen for doing some voicerecording.
- Thank you all people, for giving me useable feedback. I really appreciate this.
- Team of the mod Shadow of Morrowind for the permission to connect Nyhus with that huge mod of yours!
- Bethesda for the fantastic game and Jeremy Soule for the beautiful music.

~Player home in Tel Eyrith, an island south of Solstheim ~