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You want to know what's behind the border of Skyrim? Tired of hanging around in Riverwood and Whiterun? Then this might be the mod for you!

This mod is tes5edited and navmeshed and gives you extra land to explore. Expect quests and strong enemies. Expect more land to explore, don't let the Skyrim border stop you.

DLC Dragonborn is required to play this version. You also have to unlock the Skyrimborders.


Nyhus is located in Cyrodiil, south of the Rift, Skyrim.
There are a few ways to travel to Nyhus, but the easiest way is when you travel from Riften to the border of Morrowind. Pass the bridge and - before the border - take the path on your right. Just follow the signs and you will enter an abandoned gate which guards the border Skyrim / Cyrodiil. When you enter the gate, you'll discover dead bodies; one of these bodies contains a diary which informs you about Nyhus and it's environment.


Nyhus ('New House') is a small village in Cyrodiil, guarded by, mainly, hardened Nordish warriors under leadership of Folkvar. There is an Inn where you can drink Riften Blood and Forester, the strongest beers in Skyrim, there is a blacksmith, farmer, some NPC's and a shrine of Mara. If you talk with Folkvar, you'll be on a quest.

It is a dangerous environment. When you reach Nyhus, you see the colonists struggling with a small army of Thalmor Elves - they will attack you too. And a little up north in the mountains, an Ogre Fort is located - yes there are Ogres ! The Ogres are a threat to Nyhus and they are strong (level 25-30). I made Ogres by making Orcs larger, giving them a grey/blue skin and make them look more primitive.

Not only Ogres, also a group of vampires under Mordor's leadership is a real threat to Nyhus. These vampires claimed a small village, ruined the houses, digested the people living there and draining the lifeforce of trees around them. They noticed the adventurers in Nyhus and decided they will be their next victims.

You can enter a dungeon and fight vampires, headless zombies, black spitters and skeletonguardians, fight some bandits, ghosts and zombiewolves in the forest and in the badlands, or travel to the Dunmer PRYAI VILLAGE, take the boat to Tel Mithryn (Solstheim) and claim your abandoned playerhouse on an island . If you are tired of your Skyrim-life, you can decide to jump from Dive Rock, after you drank some Riften Blood (worth to try this out!).

Last but not least: you can travel from Tel Mithryn to Morrowind (the continent) by uploading this mod! All you have to do is use your rowboat from your playershouse on a Island south of Tel Mithryn.


- An abandoned gate with a diary about Nyhus.
- the settlement Nyhus with two quests, NPC's, and a shrine
- Two new beers, strong stuff
- An Ogre Fort and a small forrest with mammal
- New creatures plus a Draugr follower.
- Dive Rock (Oblivion) with a fort and a pelgrim (looks not exactly the same as the one in Oblivion, but it is very high and I think this is a nice Rock to Dive from)
- Dead Village with a few new creatures and it's dungeon
- Treasure Hunting and lots of bandits and a rotten farmhouse, south of Nyhus. In that rotten farmhouse there is a player's chest.
- Border with Morrowind and the badlands, with a few bandits, zombiewolves, undead, traders and an old fort.
- A Dunmer Pryai Village with guards, prison, harbour, shops and inn
- A ship from Pryai Village to Tel Mithryn
- Tel Mithryn has an harbour and shop
- A small island south of Tel Mithryn with a player's home with chest, your own rowboat (to Blacklight, Morrowind!), new weapon, and a little quest and secret with it.
- Terrible voiceacting and stupid jokes.


I did some voicerecording and scripting. If the conversation doesn't start, save the game and reload it. That should work.


You have to edit the file Skyrim.ini. There are two locations where you can find this file. You should not have the one in your Skyrim data folder, where you put the mods for example, but the one in your General folder (I think it is: User/My Documents/My Games/Skyrim).
If you found the Skyrim.ini file, type: bBorderRegionsEnabled=0 in the section [General] . That should work. I do not use a mod or something, just typed that code.


No, don't worry. This mod is tested so many times and doesn't conflict with other mods, like guarded borders of Skyrim. This mod is also cleaned with TesVedit. But....if you run into errors, please let me know.
This mod is not LODded, since I don't dare to LOD the Skyrim master file.
There could be some grammar mistakes; I am sorry. I am Dutch, not English.

Don't drink and dive & may Talos guide you;



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- Thanks Sophia-, Tomoko and Sebastiaan Leenen for doing some voicerecording.
- Thanks Ahondara for giving me some advice (check out his mods on nexus and steam!)
- Thanks Team of the mod Shadow of Morrowind for the permission to connect Nyhus with that huge mod of yours!
- Thanks Bethesda for the fantastic game and Jeremy Soule for the beautiful music.