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1. Download the latest v0266 binaries or higher from
2. Open the "Wrapper" folder included. Copy & Paste only the d3d9.dll and enbhost into your main Skyrim folder as shown below:

3. Download one of the presets from the files section of my mod page. There are 3 versions of the preset and you only select one of them. Select the option that suits your game by reading the description of each version. For example, if you use the lighting mod ELFX, pick that version, if not, pick Vanilla lighting, etc. 

Once downloaded, copy & paste only the "enbseries" folder, enblocal, and enbseries files into your main Skryim folder as shown below:

4. Open up the enblocal file as a txt. and adjust the videomemorysize= under [Memory] based on your graphics card (Ex. I put 2048 since i have a 2GB GTX 660M graphics card. There other ways to configure this but this is the second easiest way. There is also an autodetect setting in here as well if you are unsure how to do this, which is the easiest way.

5. If you want the custom ENB Snow FX as seen in the videos and screenshots, now is the time to download the optional ENB Data files from the files section of the mod page. This is Nexus Mod Manager compatible for simple installation. It contains a single ESP you can activate for Mindflux's amazing falling snow FX to work. 

6. Make the following adjustments in your Skyrim pref inis: (You can find this under Documents/Games/Skyrim) 
If these values are not there, you can write them in yourself as long as they are under the [Display] section.


7. Turn off hardware anti-aliasing & anisotropic filtering. ENB handles both of these.
You can also do this in the Skyrim Launcher OR the Skyrim Pref files as well (recommended)
You are better off doing them while you are in the Skyrim Pref inis anyway.


      iMultisample=0       (Antialiasing)
                    iMaxAnisotropy=0   (Anisotropic Filtering)

8. Launch the game and enjoy. I'd love to see your lovely screenshots :).


These mods are not absolutely required but really enhance the preset's look and feel.

Shadows by Hhaleyy
Shadows by Hhaleyy comes with an esp for weather tweaks, this is okay, and I built the preset with this ticked on.
Dramatic Clouds
Rustic Windows
Candle Glow
Lorkan's Vision
Lanterns of Skyrim
Realistic Water Two by Isoku
Watercolor for ENB and Realistic Water 2
Quality Snow HD 4k Darker Option

SkyFalls and SkyMills - Animated Distant Waterfalls and Windmills
Falmer Glow Retexture

Dark Dungeons for ENB by Mindflux/Artem1s

This preset is not compatible with RCN, Climates of Tamriel, or Seasons of Skyrim Project. I have custom weathers made and included which would conflict.

Amoebae - for the Lens Dirt Textures
Boris Vorotsov - for creating the enbseries and making ENB presets possible.
Confidence Man - I learned everything about ENB weathers from cracking open your beautiful preset & weather files.
-Jawz- - for the atmosphere mesh & providing invaluable resources for those new to ENB. I have a lot of respect for you.
Tansarville - for creating the original Somber Lut Sepia ENB & enbeffect file, for which this preset is based on.
Matso - for not only inspring me to create ENB presets with Project Matso, but providing the lens effects, Bloom, DOF, & Sunsprite from his SVI series.
Mindflux aka Artem1s - for the essential particle patch, darker dungeons for ENB mod, and beautiful custom snow FX
Wolfgrimdark - For providing permission as the current owner & manager of Somber Lut Sepia to use the enbeffect file.
ZeroKing - for your Post Processing shaders effect file. Because I don't really know code, you have really opened the doors for
scrubs like me and I'm eternally grateful.
Andrej Dudenhefner - For creating the original SMAA injector used by many of us here.
Christian Jensen - For creating the powerful yet simple SweetFX suite.

Thank you WolfGrimDark for beta testing, feedback, screenshots, support, advice, & for being a good friend.
Thank you to my friends & fellow YouTubers Slytra & LiveStyleGaming for not only beta testing, but creating beautiful videos showcasing my preset. 
Thank you to MACHIIMACHII for beta testing & creating beautiful cinematic presets such as Poupouri & Saraan Suum ENB, some of my favorites.