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ENB Shader Addon

This is a shader addon for ENBSeries, made by Boris Vorontsov.

This addon, compiled in an effect.txt file, is meant to be used in an ENB preset, which means you will need to head on over to the ENB of your choice, install it, and add this in the same directory where you would normally install your choice of ENB. Normally, you would install your ENB and this addon in the Skyrim directory, where your Skyrim's .exe application is located (not the DATA folder). Only ENBs that support the GUI shader function will work. This is from binary version 0.217 and above (thank you, wxtrim, for the information).


BlurShift - Adds cinematic color shift. Similar to a chromatic shift and yet simpler.
Sharpen - Applied alongside BlurShift. Cleans up the shift to restore detail by..... well, sharpening the image.
Vibrance - Intelligently adds or subtract intensity of colour vibrance to the image.
Contrast - Like Vibrance, but applies only to contrast of the image.
LumaSharpen - CeeJay of SweetFX wrote a better post-pass sharpening method. Similar to Unsharp in Photoshop.
Noise - Random dot pattern effect, prominent in older films. If used correctly, can act as a simpler dither method.
Black Level: Controls level of the whiteness and darkness of the image.


All features are GUI-enabled, so that you may tweak them in-game using the ENB interface without requiring you to edit the shaders yourself. See my sticky note for updates.

To activate the ENB GUI, press SHIFT + ENTER while in-game, and start tweaking afterwards.


NOTE 1: This was released upon request by some on Nexus, so very little support will go into it. However, if there is sufficient time, then I will look into porting more effects from SweetFX and so forth.

NOTE 2: Fret not, I will try to add some comparison shots with and without my effect.txt file. However, it can only be appreciated in-game, since the effects are subtle by default.

NOTE 3: My images were taken with my personal ENB alongside my effect.txt file. Please do not send PMs about my ENB, I do not have plans at this time to release it. Perhaps down the road, should it suit my fancy.

NOTE 4: For permissions or credits:

You do not need their or my permission; however please credit all who were involved in this addon. Without them, this would not possible. Thanks.


Boris Vorontsov - Creator of ENBSeries
Andrej Dudenhefner - Creator of SMAA injector
Christian Jensen - Creator of SweetFX
ZeroKing - Ported shaders to ENB


Amanra Zaman (my wife)

Do leave feedback, I always appreciate thoughts and criticism. Enjoy!