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1. Description
2. Requirements
3. Installing
4. Uninstalling
5. Compatibility & issues
6. Credits
7. Similar mods
8. Changelog

1. Description

See exactly what your character sees. Look at screenshots or videos for what the mod does. :)

As of 2.0 the mod no longer has a MCM or ESP. It's now a pure SKSE plugin. There is a text file for configuration in Data/SKSE/Plugins/FirstPersonPlugin.txt

2. Requirements

SKSE 1.6.16 or higher:
Skyrim latest version

3. Installing

Exctract Data folder over your Skyrim Data folder or use a mod manager to install.

4. Uninstalling

Remove files you added when installing or use a mod manager.

5. Compatibility & issues

Doesn't work properly with 360 degree animations! If you see your character face when running backwards you are using 360 animations.

If nothing happens in game when you switch to first person you must install latest version of SKSE. If you are installing with MO make sure the DLL file ends up in Data/SKSE/Plugins. You may have to manually do this. You can also try starting SKSE loader with administrator privileges.

Crosshair aiming is off from center when activating objects. This is improved in 2.0+ but there may still be issues.

Clipping issues and objects disappearing when too close. Try changing near distance settings in configuration to combat this.

Flickering distance objects (mountains). This is caused by low near distance setting. It's either this or not seeing things that are close. Open configuration file, under [Main] there is +set fNearClip 0.01 instead of 0.01 try setting something like 3.0 or maybe even higher. This will fix flickering mountain but it will make nearby objects clip (if you look down you might see it). You'll have to reload configuration file with reload hotkey if you set it or by restarting skyrim.

See comments / posts section for solutions to other problems.

6. Credits

All people who test and report bugs.

7. Similar mods

Skyrim - Enhanced Camera
The Joy of Perspective

8. Changelog

2.0 - 03/05/2015
  • Rewrite mod from scratch and used a different method for overwrite.
  • No ESP or MCM. Mod is just SKSE plugin now and configuration is through a text file.
  • Improved crosshair accuracy when activating objects.
  • Camera shouldn't get stuck anymore, especially related to horses and such.
  • Camera should be much smoother overall.
  • Possible to switch to IFPV when zooming in or toggling perspective in game, this is currently default behavior in configuration.
  • Player headtracking is tied to mouse look, so if you look left your character will turn head properly.
  • Bow aiming should be much easier and better, somehow this happened itself I didn't do anything.
  • Much more possible conditions for profiles.
  • You can control pretty much the whole mod from configuration file.
  • View angle restrict on horse is fixed, also should be fixed for dragon riding.
  • Possible to bind actions to keys that are already used by game (both actions would then happen on press).
  • Possible to bind actions to key up as well as key down (separately).
  • Included documentation for configuration (IFPVConfig.txt) in download archive, check Data folder. Also in readme section of mod page.
  • Mod doesn't modify FOV by default but you can from configuration if you want.

1.9 - 10/07/2014
  • VATS killmove camera re-enable fixed, probably.
  • Removed timescale option. Should fix unexpected freezing of world or crazyness when using slow time shouts.
  • Added option to hide character head. Also hides shadow of head.
  • Maybe fixed camera getting broken sometimes?
  • Fixed few crashes with attach camera to NPC option. It's still weird, make save game before using.
  • Added option to re-enable character fading away due to camera being too close.
  • Added default mounted profile so sprinting wouldn't overwrite.
  • Added option to set crazy default settings for fun. Rotation is 100 in all profiles so you will see and turn exactly how character turns head.

1.8 - 19/06/2014
  • Reduce shakiness of default configurations, improve some and remove looking down when sprinting. If you are updating and want the new default configurations click on reset all to default button in MCM otherwise your custom settings are preserved from previous version.
  • Added reset all to default button.
  • Possible to move profiles around. No need to remake or edit 10 profiles just to change the order of something or insert new profiles.
  • Allow re-enable VATS killmove camera if you wish.
  • Added option (hotkey) to attach camera on crosshair target. You will see through the eyes of targeted NPC until you press hotkey again, change location or NPC is unloaded. Projecting profile is used while having this.
  • Fixed bug that caused Auto-near view in interior to not work.

1.7 - 05/03/2014
  • Rewrite configuration menus to allow for further customization. Hopefully easier to use as well. MCM should always appear now for everyone.
  • Instead of deciding profile for activity you can decide activities for profile. This means you can decide the order of profile overrides. Profile 1 is highest priority and profile 2 is next, you get it.
  • Possible to add multiple conditions to activate a profile, example: sneaking AND aiming bow.
  • Added 10 more profiles (total of 20 now).
  • Added option for each profile to act as immersive view, vanilla first or third person while mod is still activated.
  • Added option for mod to automatically enable itself on any profile you choose (and disable afterwards if it was disabled before). This allows you to create profiles for certain activities only and have mod disabled at other times.
  • Added translation files for MCM.
  • Added 5 custom profile activators. These do nothing on their own but other mods can enable or disable them. That would allow another mod to control whether a certain profile should be selected.
  • Fade out allows you to delay switching perspectives.
  • Added option to have up to 200% rotation for fun or simulated head bobbing.
  • Werewolf profile not being selected should be fixed indirectly because of all the changes.
  • Camera moving forward when looking down or up is controllable with slider.
  • Fixed some camera settings not returning to normal when toggling view off.
  • Added option to have vanilla first person camera but still be able to see your body. This option is added as a slider so you can set value from vanilla first person camera to immersive view as you like. This can cause a lot of clipping or body moving while camera is static.
  • Fixed TM console command not working.
  • Added crafting to automatic profiles selection.
  • Added option to have free look on any profile. This means you can look around without turning your character even when having a weapon out.
  • Added hotkey for free look, while holding this you can look around without turning character.
  • Added option to turn character only after a certain angle has been reached.

1.6 - 31/12/2013
  • Added about 0.5 second delay when switching away from bow or magic aim profile.
  • Being in combat profile is now higher priority than having weapon out. Otherwise this profile makes no sense.
  • HUD is re-enabled when in dialogue.
  • Added option to move camera forward slightly when looking up or down, enabled by default. It's not noticable but should solve some problems where you can see your character's face.
  • Changed little bit about dragon riding camera, I don't know how to ride dragon in Skyrim so not sure if it fixed the bug where camera got stuck.

1.5 - 26/12/2013
  • All vanilla, dawnguard and dragonborn races are now supported. With a bit of tweaking you can roleplay a slaughterfish in immersive view if you want.
  • Fixed camera position of Werewolf and Vampire Lord.
  • Added profiles for when you die, dialogue and have weapon out.
  • Added option to change speed of time flow in profiles.
  • Fixed left and right restriction angle not working on horse.
  • Fixed aim with magic profile override not working.
  • Automatically disable VATS when in immersive view. I think this was already made but I made it again, some people said the INI setting was still necessary.
  • Improved default archery profile.

1.4 - 24/12/2013
  • Pressing immersive hotkey will no longer work when you are typing something. Fix by sagittarius22
  • Fixed a bug that didn't return third person camera settings back to normal after leaving immersive view.
  • Added option for other mods to set profile and whether we should be in immersive view or not.
  • Added option to save all settings to file and load from file so you can copy settings from other savegames.
  • Changed default settings to what I talked about in the forum. This should be better for people who are trying the mod for the first time and reporting too high bobbing and bad angles.
  • Added option to profile that hotkey must be held down.
  • Added SEQ file with the mod. Perhaps this will help those who had problems with MCM menu not appearing.
  • Changed the way spell cast is detected. It may be a bit wonky this update, give feedback.
  • Changed the way headtracking is handled. Let me know if this fixes headtracking not being disabled.

1.3 - 23/12/2013
  • Improved archery override. It is now instant when you start to draw a bow and no longer gets stuck if you cancel shot.
  • Head tracking is automatically disabled when entering immersive view.
  • Killmoves are in immersive view now without INI change.
  • HUD / Menu is automatically re-enabled if game is paused. For example inventory or looting but not dialogue.
  • Default profile is saved and loaded correctly.
  • Added option to restrict up and down looking.
  • Loading game doesn't exit immersive view anymore.
  • Improved crosshair accuracy. It's still not perfect, though.
  • Added option to have character turn where you are looking.
  • Fixed many problems where settings weren't returned to normal after loading game.
  • Reduced the default value of left / right restriction angle.
  • Added profile overrides for werewolf and vampire lord.

1.2 - 20/12/2013
  • Fixed ragdoll not being in first person.
  • Fixed ragdoll completely breaking camera.
  • Fixed NPCs fading out when they are too near, like during killmove.

1.1 - 20/12/2013
  • Fixed FOV changing.

1.0 - 20/12/2013
  • Fixed some animations not being in first person view - starting to enchant or alchemy, ragdoll, few special quest animations.
  • Fixed near distance values not returning to normal when reloading game while in immersive view.
  • Now there are 10 profiles of configuration to choose from. Also added option for game to automatically choose profiles based on what your character is doing.
  • Added option to choose how much rotation camera gets from character's head. This is what modifies head bobbing.
  • Fixed side to side looking so that the camera doesn't flip to other side if you look far enough and compass doesn't keep spinning and the camera doesn't get stuck the same amount as you looked past the restricted looking angle.
  • Character doesn't fade out anymore when in a tight spot.
  • Fixed crazy particles. The problem was the custom FOV sliders, do not use those. I added a regular game FOV slider to use instead.
  • Opening inventory doesn't put camera in 3rd person anymore.

0.6 - 14/12/2013
  • Fixed map freeze bug. Changed a bit how camera override works, starting to use alchemy and enchanting causes view to exit first person for a second but it was necessary to fix map freeze. If you find any other points in the game where you exit immersive view let me know.

0.5 - 14/12/2013
  • Fixed toggle head rotation hotkey so it always works.
  • Fixed camera positioning in complex animations, the sliders that move camera now do what they say they do.
  • Increase the lower range of FOV sliders in MCM. May cause crash if ridiculous values are entered.
  • You can go into vanilla first person camera again when immersive view is active.
  • Changed a little bit how menus are handled. Let me know if it fixes map freeze.

0.4 - 13/12/2013
  • Added two more configuration options to change camera position. Now you can move camera in all directions to solve all misalignment problems.
  • Added message to say if near / far view mode has changed. Can be turned off in config.
  • Automatically switch to third person mode when activating view.
  • Fixed vampire lord and all other problems that change your character model significantly.

0.3 - 12/12/2013
  • Fixed mountains flickering, kinda. Added a hotkey to change near clipping value, so when you need to look near press the key, when you are done looking near press the key again to fix mountains.
  • Changes in MCM menu update camera without needing to re-enter immersive view.
  • Added another fov config for perspective depth change, in case you were getting weirdly squished world.
  • Fixed hotkeys not loading after savegame.
  • Added option to disable rotation from head, that makes the view much more like joy of perspective and game is actually playable.
  • Added hotkey to change between head rotation on/off.
  • Added option to automatically turn off head rotation or exit view when aiming bow, aiming magic, sneaking, in combat.
  • Fixed transition camera (starting to sit on chair).

0.2 - 11/12/2013
  • Fixed sky and all other graphics related bugs that were caused by changing camera location.
  • Fixed quest markers.
  • Reduced the amount of flickering of mountains, you can modify this in MCM menu but there is a downside.
  • Added vertical FOV slider in MCM menu.
  • Added clipping distance configuration in MCM menu. Increasing this reduces flickering but nearby objects will be cut off if you get very close (bad in sex scenes).

0.1 - 10/12/2013
Initial beta release